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This three hour finale it usually includes the one hour reunion fied thumbs up or thumbs down to those all right you have to watch this and also you also get to tease for the next season with the theme is generally but this right I don't know for get mad because the would generally be filming that in the summertime not because you do you get like party do you like party like you would like watching the Superbowl the get the chips and some beers at all will do back in the day and you guys like this back in the day when when use me and my dad my brother and sister went into thousand when the first season started that's when we all became a fan that was as a kid the first show we is a family ever would sit down every week and watch the other yeah my dad would make us every week Shawna Brian Copeland survivor dinner dude so I would do for years I think it's funny he would have like a nice piece of salmon but he doesn't Sam and just rice we would we would get registered fish sticks warming up yeah what are you gonna go you need to go find your utensils you need my own cooking instruments and all the way here put this loin cloth the door close to brings its nuclear free there's a there's a part of your life no furniture actually do quite a bit we would eat on the floor who sat on the living room this is amazing what do you this is twenty years twenty years ago two survivors our favorite television show one of the most affordable signature moments when we first got to know each other you just do the shows when your dad took you down to the survivor financial procedures as a birthday present in what for most of you which by the way I do I try to get into this one and then obviously not happening with it with a group of people I I tried early on this year well I did get into this finale but it's funny I was thinking about the TV themes because that is our list today I was thinking I wonder if it makes it for colds and apparently it might you have to stay tuned the other thread I want to pick up on Paul you're gonna love this one if you were a get set up the comics and all because he's talking about a puppy was that the return of the Tony hawk video game I guess it's been remastered and re released yeah right right he went down your whole skating history and all that how at a certain point you decided that you at a certain age I can't go to the emergency room with a skate injury after your hair too old for it at some point right except poly that leads to one of our favorite underrated threads of all time Pauly D. member we found out that new each year old his dad five Schierholtz his late fifties is a forever yeah where's me high socks and vans used to dupe copes I'm gonna send you some links to advice year olds is an accomplished thrasher dude who is like he shames mate and all the kids he's out there he was like the long baggy shorts he like fifty nine sixty yes there on years old guys like that man there again because I know for a fact that one of the original pioneers the guy who did all the he was like the first got one of the first guys to write empty pools and all that was such a Tony Alva he was one of the dog town Z. boys and he's got to be well I don't know three four years older than Murphy when I and he still goes out there and does it too now he wears a helmet and like you know elbow pads and stuff which he did not do when he was a crazy kid in the seventies but he doesn't do it like there are guys out there that will get on their boards do they're in their fifties are in their sixties you know what it is worth there just fearless if I don't get it call has a consistent look and I don't have the same feeling about surfing I just feel like with with skateboarding there's a gap age words like maybe you could pick it up again to be pretty cool but you have to you have to do it for I don't know man I like I just I could I could you know it's funny is it is your right because when I was a kid in the in the seventies in San Francisco I started skateboarding a skateboarder for probably two or three years and then I will then I then I I wiped out broke my right foot and I never scanned again I'll I sprained a wrist Marcus restaurant arrested it messed up a rotation for an all star tournament yeah right Paul I mean after that I just can't stop stop people saying yeah it's like well all right I guess I'm done with that yeah yeah well I just I just sent you guys the link divide and by the way he a where no helmet dude he's out there like a short to the small park in Danville do much about Dublin parties etcetera etcetera etcetera he was this is guy you want to but I sure will suit all he doesn't give a damn what you that's great but it's not V. attorney Carney nice car yeah sure this is the G. are you go for those words do do all to do we've talked a little water stagnates yeah we just wiped out he went yeah yeah that's all right he's right back up to you okay he died in a tank top shorts do you know what you got a minute thirty five he writes on his hands he does a hand stand on the board okay he is doing his job rally they were going to roll here you she was very shutdown generals generals I believe traded for her pants yeah wow what should yes that's right him tell me just show both colleges own Jennifer gladiators shortly R. as in San Francisco these sports reporter fanatic star now morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show with Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey sports K. E. N. D. R. studios sponsored by Reno's grand Sierra resort and casino here's Murfin back it is already off to a better start I said yesterday probably be very gloomy it was a I don't know this for whatever reason my bio rhythms were down yesterday who knows cool I don't know go re watch party I feel the same way yesterday I really don't want to say anything because I wanted like twenty years or I felt the vaccine here we are today at twenty secular cope say earlier in the show and and I was you know get my eggs ready and all that he was I guess it was weird man I was because I sat around the house and so I was out walking the dogs are rated the neighbors they said how you doing I go yeah right I'm at a stage yeah just give them the you know usually give the pleasure fine how are you no I I don't right I guess this is kind of a lousy Tuesday right it's a character in a pandemic have a bad Tuesday it's perfectly acceptable neighbor Marcy she goes yeah I know what you mean and now I feel like today is already off to a better start first.

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