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An up in these. Because how dare you anyway, really fly for the next book children virtue and vengeance vendors of what she ever way round is at trust you won't to or says, please with with with the with the hope each of you doing 'cause play and having having a life as teeth Velasco by the deadline met JJ, George Martin this. Oh, guys. You know? I love game of thrones. And I have I have not read the last book on purpose because I need the winds of winter to drop this man is out chair doing nonsense. He no he's like Hella old. He could anytime that older sixties. He's not that old by he looks old. Right. He looks like a comfortable old. You never just like he just eager to rest at like sixty. I'm just saying the sixty for all his life until he dies. Yeah. Because he's a comfortable. Eight eight Latin comes to -bility if that's a word Russia up one. Honestly, why are you know? Where is we thought we'd get this book in twenty eighth winter up twenty seventeen twenty sixteen or something? So he has you guys. He played you. You blew in this toxic relationship because I'm not the series is beyond the books. Now, I'm watching the series, and I don't know what's going on. And you mean could tell me that we don't have a book that tells me who's gonna win this walk or whether it's going to be susidy opening saving it for Polet the TV series about it must be because I think if the TV comes up next year doesn't not. It comes out next year. Right. Well, last time it was like Heller light mayo June or something it's come I in twenty nineteen last season. So he bas- it. I I guess he's waiting for that. And then you're gonna release the the winds of winter is going to be a different ending because the winds of winter, and there's another one to follow the pre valley, you're going to drop dead at any minute thought here in them. I don't think he has on his at once. I would. You guys don't know nothing anyways. But yeah, please get to write. And thank you very much some.

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