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John is introducing parental controls for the echo device google home its biggest competitor already has some of these controls the echo is also adding version of amazon's paid subscription service for kids called free time unlimited amazon seems to be nudging families to feel comfortable around alexa to put an echo in the playroom or even the kids bedroom but is that really the best idea it's occupying that weird space between a friend a real friend human friend and something else and i think for kids especially their conception of that assoc fluid pamela pavel jack futurist and a professor at pratt institute in her research she's found kids and teens already often see alexa and other ai services as a friend of the family publish it says that's not necessarily a bad thing but it could go too far they might views that as a replacement for other kinds of relationships that might be more meaningful the controls let parents said time limits but the other changes add up to a chatty or alexa one who let's not forget records every conversation amazon says it won't use that information to recommend products to children not outside the existing library in its absorption service there are no ads on alexa and no plans for them the company says but in the future politics says who knows i mean if you think about it logically they're communicating with a big retailer threw out that's been made by hundreds of people on the other two thought about a lot of different things to be sure and concerts to blow your mind just in casella carnegie mellon has been building a interfaces for children for decades what we really should be looking for she says is ways that children can get under the hood of technology and have a chance to be creative even if that means breaking the rules i hope this is true even the amazon may not wish this that children will learn how to have alexa when i got a chance to ask the new alexa question in front of read in her colleague josh sherman i have that same childish impulse to test your limits alexa.

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