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Maybe isn't the best to covering the tight ends just yet. That's what show here to do. You know we've talked about. Is he gonna wear to green dot. Which is going to be a position okay. He's going to be the guy that can cover somebody. I mean we've seen him pick off base and rudolf. Enough times. That i think and i think bend we be like okay. It's good to have some of this on our side. Finally what what is it with with the green dot. you know. that wasn't a big deal until just a few years ago. Now it's like. Oh they're the they're the head ranger you take out that power ranger and you take out all voltron. Does it matter who we making a big deal about the green dot. Well i don't know. I think it's one more way that we can separate one player from the rest. I think whenever as fans we see a player given additional responsibilities and additional duties. We think it's at the expense of everyone else. I don't think that's necessary the case here. I think this is a guy that you know. Maybe by him having a green dot. Maybe by him having the calls that let's bush just kind of run out there and free lance and hit dudes and ron and just be super athletic joy. I so i don't see it as a shot at the other guys. What i do kind of wonder about is we're gonna shelbert degreen dot and make it all the calls a guy that's been on the steelers roster. I believe at this point four days more than you and i yeah. He's watched about as much steelers footage as baker. Mayfield has so you know. Hey i don't wanna i don't wanna you know. Deflate the air out of this exciting situation. You know joe showboat a guy. We didn't even know we needed a week ago. Now is here to save our defense but look at the conversation on twitter. A lot of steeler fan super excited. But where were the jacksonville fans. It was a lot of crickets coming out of jacksonville as far as this. I don't even think jacksonville new. They had this guy on their roster where was blake bortles. Where was that guy. Come meeting us up at ireland's bar and grill walking in with his blake bortles jersey. Do remember that guy and then when then he switched to to what what what was divall. is that what. That's like the chant that's duval county florida. They go do all yeah. I was driving by ireland's all night. I didn't see blake bortles out there celebrating this. They're crying about the the departure of schober. What's that mean. When i look on social media and i don't see jacksonville crying peep about losing this. I think it's a little bit of a what a team was wanted. Fifteen hundred or whatever they were. They had the first overall pick. I don't think you're concern as a fan. Base is geez are linebackers are struggling in coverage. Like i mean sort of like you know. All my house was reduced to rubble. What a problem it had with the addict. I think it's it's i disagree with just a slight bit. I do think you know what i saw on twitter and maybe even slightly less toxic circles and you but i doubt it because it's twitter is that i think folks were worried about who what linebacker can cover somebody. I mean for lotteries. And so it's not nineteen ninety-seven anymore so you don't need to big dudes just running right at the line and sitting in the box and tackling your two hundred sixty pound running back duty the guy that can cover a wide receiver for a second and a half. And i don't know if we even had that guy before show came in. So i mean it's it's i think it's more like okay. It's almost like we went to a yard sale for like a house that got hit by a fire. And we're like okay. We'll take your painting and we'll give you ten bucks a state sales. I highly recommend it. Look hey don't be surprised. Steeler nation if our linebackers are still getting burnt by whiteouts out there you know. I don't think schober it's gonna come in and run made demand with dez bryant. Anyone out there you know maybe dez at this point bill. Yeah i mean. It was single people on twitter bryan. Yes i mean. I think it's a steelers tradition. Going all the way back to james farrior getting burnt out of the backfield by you. Know a jacksonville running back or if it's going to be a wide out so be it. I just don't think that we're gonna see the kind of success on defense that people are expecting with showed. I think we're still gonna have the same struggles that we deal with every year. I could certainly see that. I was going to say i can get go back even further. I can close my eyes. And i still see alfred papu running through the defense in the afc championship game with the chargers. But i think that. I keep coming like i said i come back to that thing about the second half shelbert can buy them an extra second half. Maybe the pass rush gets there may be. That's anger maybe that seismic maybe that keeps all four guys that are trying to block. T. j. watt may be that opens up that extra space. I think i think that's a bet worth taking because again. I keep sit with the alternative. Spelling wasn't buying that second of the half wonderful interception against lavar. And then i think that was kinda add like explain. Splaine's highlight reel is two plays right now and they were great play. He contributes at still a great little place. You can tell me a motivational speaker with those great place. And you're like dancer dine. Yeah I wanna pivot a little bit. This is still kind of within the deal. But kevin kevin colbert okay. People are just just a deluge of praise onto kevin colbert which you know wholeheartedly deserves every every. But let's not forget that he's not. He's not the perfect. Gm out there you know for every for every you know every schober signing we've had a larry green or who also had a couple of good plays against the bengals but he had honest. No one knew concussion. Thing anyone thrown off. I mean dante. Moncrieff or morgan burnett or blunt. Even bostick bostick. So you know we. There's a whole lot of praise out there. i've seen. I'm trying to find the tweet right now. I saw some some. Some guy was Had bought the a jersey with colbert. Put colbert on it that that might be. That's a bit much. I saw the tweet where someone had made their own. T shirt that said in the style of the godfather. It said the general manager. So there's already colbert. Merged wearing out there. If you if you're out there at the stadium with kevin colbert jersey than you know. More praise to you. But yeah i mean that's but you know this comes off to me a little bit suspicious a lot of this. I don't want to say. I don't wanna say that for a lot of fans that kevin colbert is our white night but there's another partner in the room with kevin colbert. And that's mike tomlin. Certainly who doesn't get the same type of praise. That colbert is certainly getting this month. Okay sure colbert has done. Great deals with. I'm thinking martavis brian. How he dealt him yes. Ab how he dealt how he went with that..

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