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Fixture genesis luxury the fits right Richard WTF is rather as we've been telling her WTOP right now most of the listing the area is under a severe thunderstorm warning we go live now to NBC four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer for the very latest up yeah we're tracking that line right now to enter Rundle prince George's county down to Fairfax we still have that warning right now for DC in Arlington no longer includes Fairfax county however we are still seen some winded down around that area but the strongest winds right now into prince George's and Anne Arundel county this morning goes until twelve thirty winds gusting upwards of sixty even seventy miles per hour with this line a little bit earlier and we continue to see the chance for some trees down in this area so watch out if you're moving on through a fifty right now seen some shower activity this is not your typical thunderstorm okay there's there's no lightning there's no it is very light rain with this this is all wind and wind has been a major factor in the last couple of hours now in about an hour this will all be through a couple of showers left over by the morning hours most of the world to be on the dryer side of things after rather windy conditions overnight more win tomorrow highs in the upper fifties to low sixties as you make your way out about on your Wednesday we'll see a pretty good day mix of sun and clouds during the afternoon high temperatures as you move on throughout your day on Thursday back into the low to mid fifties as we move on into the day Friday looking at the chance for some shower activity during the afternoon not a lot not definitely not a washout a much cooler temperatures back into the upper forties to low fifties rather breezy conditions on Friday night in much colder wind chills in the thirties during the day on Saturday right now fifty two degrees out towards Dulles airport fifty five at towards the Maryland Science Center downtown and currently sit in medical paper fifty five degrees all right thank you Sir NBC four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer this morning it's often the things you don't see that matter most trust and peace of mind long windows dot com good morning to you is is it's twelve twelve on your Wednesday morning here on WG a big traffic is backed up again yes nine AM meeting I still do this yeah wide right along change the way you can eat and get perks like a free guaranteed ride home in case of unexpected film emergency or unscheduled overtime always free commuter connections is a smarter way to register more new today commuter connections dot one eight hundred seven four five ride that's commuter connections dot org some restrictions apply WTLV at twelve twelve in other news this morning a local county council has pressed the pause button on a community policing bill but not before one council member made clear why he thinks the bill should pass Montgomery County councilmember Craig rice told his colleagues he was going to get a little personal and he did rice who is African American we called experiences he had.

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