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About his doctor Charles Snyder but injure cockle bacteria can cause infections, of the bloodstream in brain covering they're likely to cause death or severe disability infections usually passed and. Saliva the center, for disease control recommended meningococcal vaccine eleven or twelve with a booster. At sixteen or anyone who has not been vaccinated it is at risk this is Dr Charles. Neider reporting from Washington a lawyer for the Colorado man suspected in the desert of his pregnant wife and two young daughters says the little girls bodies were submerging crude. Oil for four days before they were found the defense attorney in the case James Mercer made that statement. At a court motion filed on Friday the most could asking the. Judge to order the DNA samples be taken from the children's bodies the father Christopher watch is accused of killing his, thirty four year old wife. And their two daughters aged four and three breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com A high school football stadium was evacuated after gunshots rang out during a practice football, game in, south Florida last night Reginald doer heart was mongo's inside the state we. Were on the far side of the bleachers so when we see them. Right we just ran because we heard the, gunshots through so we were just trying to Palm Beach county sheriff's officials said two. People were injured they. Said all stem from an altercation between students, please in Saint Paul Minnesota released body camera footage on Friday the chosen was armed with a gun before, officers shot and killed him earlier this month so Paul police chief taught actual says a shooting is. Still under investigation, you know what I know by watching this video at this point. The investigative pieces of this will be put together by the BCA and presented the county attorney. Choi for final termination officer shot William James Hughes on an apartment building porch August fifth after they say he threatened them with weapon morally stories at townhall dot com This is your check, it out minute brought to you by as Zeus unit. Forty two, is the. Paolo Alto networks threat intelligence team. And last year they found one hundred and forty. Five Google play apps that were, infected most of those apps were on.

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