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Jobless claims 310,000 drop from last week of About 30,000 little more than that. That is a new pandemic low, and it was also somewhat predictable as enhanced unemployment benefits went away. Uh, the moratorium on evictions went away. Kids got back to school, The hope was, people would come back to the workforce. So I think that number is reflecting that, at least in a small degree. Also today, Amazon announced they're going to pay 100% of tuition, books and fees for any hourly employee. As all of these companies. WalMart recently just gave a raised to their folks, but all of them are looking at a very competitive landscape in terms of attracting and keeping. Employees. Let's check the final numbers today. Dow Down 1 51 at 34,000 and 79 NASDAQ Down 38 the S and P down 20 points, or about one half 1% Gold up seven at 1800 Announced. 10 Year Bond Yield 1.3% Alright, thanks to Kelly Brothers, California's recall election is fast approaching only five days away. And with it comes some confusion and mixed messages about voting. Secretary of State Doctor Shirley Weber spoke to care bouquets. Nika McGahee's to help sort things out and Nika joins us live. Kitty Election Day is already next Tuesday. So here's what you need to know about how the recall election works and how to cast your ballot Voting one. Oh, one if you will, kitty. Dr. Webber says the ballot has two parts one should we recall and we put in parenthesis removed? A governor Gavin Newsom and its circle Yes or no, You don't have to write a reason or anything. Question number two, says if for some reason, the recall is successful, and the majority of people want to recall him. Who would you choose as a replacement? 46 names on the replacement? There's also right answer. 11. Different right ends that are on that are on our website. Voters can vote on either one or both parts of the recall ballot. If 50% or more vote, no governor Newsom will remain in office until his term ends, which is January 2nd 2023. But if more than 50% vote yes, Newsome will be removed from office and the person with the most votes from the section Second section will replace him. One does not invalidate or make valid one of the other that in in other words, if you say I don't want to recall him But if he gets recall, this is the person I would choose. Doesn't say. Well, because you didn't want to call him. You can't vote on a replacement. Yes, you can. Or if you say yes, I want to recall him. But I don't know who's I Don't vote on number two. That will not invalidate your ballot either. So as long as you're marking the ballot as instructed, Yes and no. One number one. Pick one person underneath. Question number two. Your ballot is valid. But what if I haven't registered to vote? Is it too late? First of all, if they're not registered? It's not too late. California is one of the few states that has a same day registration voting opportunity, so you can actually registered to vote up to September 14th at a pole at a voting centre or your register of voters and be given a ballot. It's a provisional ballot because we have to verify that you haven't voted somewhere else. And you know that there isn't any effort to double vote or that you're actually qualified to vote. You can also drop it off at one of the secure drop box locations in your neighborhood or mail it in. Just make sure it's postmarked by September. 14th Kitty. All right, Nikki McGahee's Thank you Coming up traffic weather will go in depth on the travel market going south, but maybe some good deals..

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