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Welcome back this is, the Ben Shapiro show so Trevor no of comedy central in a running gun battle with Amy Schumer as well Samantha b for the. Least funny human being who is considered a comedian on national television well Trevor no I had. Some nasty things to say about, the Catholic church Trevor Noah is on comedy central and he decides to go after the. Catholic church now the reason this is. Bad is not, because everybody is in Torah five at the latest. Stories talked about it, yesterday, on the podcast the latest stories about what's going, on. Inside the Catholic church the cover-ups inside the Catholic church, there's a story in Pennsylvania three. Hundred priests were basically covered up for. By the archdiocese in Pennsylvania a thousand kids who are abused minimum it. Really horrifying horrifying stuff but as I said on my podcast yesterday. A couple of days ago it is deeply. Important to recognize that institutions that deal with children routinely have, problems with this and, they, routinely, covered things up, and that's not, an, excuse for the. Catholic. Church, in any way but it, is to, suggested singling out the Catholic church as uniquely evil in this way is being intellectually Tucson Hey can you can say the treatment here is evil. Their, treatment, of, the the priest is evil the treatment of the kids evil. You can say all of that, because Catholics will agree with you every Catholic saw. This, thing was sick to their stomach over the past week there's not a single Catholic in America or anywhere around the world he saw, this story these priests were treated who didn't feel sick to, their stomach and if you're a. Religious person of any stripe. You should feel sick to your stomach that any religious institution would cover. Up for that but listen to what. Trevor Noah has to say. About it because this is a bridge further than that and this is, why people in sort of mainstream America people who believe in God people who are religious feel that the media are coming after them hammer and tongs and are just waiting for an opportunity to. Stab us in the eye just in Pennsylvania we're not even counting the rest of America and Europe and Africa And I'm sorry guys, at some point, we need to stop calling it a church and start calling it what. It is a, molesting club with an opening prayer because that's what it feels like I. Said amazing state right the Catholic church, is now molesting club with an opening prayer so question for Trevor no he works in Hollywood Hollywood not quite known for its shall we say sexual limits A Hollywood Roman, Polanski, wins an Oscar after raping? A fourteen. Year, old girl Hollywood where, Woody Allen is still working Hollywood we're. Harvey Weinstein worked for years and years and, years side by side with people like Trevor no how many people does Trevor no one no who've actually. Abused people my guess is more than, a, few he may not know about the specific abuse. But I promise you there are lots? Of people in. Hollywood who do sexual abuse in Hollywood is rampant does he have you ever heard Trevor Noah say anything like Hollywood. Is molestation factory without prayer have you ever heard anything like that of course not how. About the public schools when you ever hear anybody on the left talk about sexual abuse. Inside the, public schools, there's? An Associated Press report from may two thousand seventeen it found. Seventeen thousand official reports. Official, reports of sex assaults on, students from fall twenty eleven, to spring two, thousand fifteen It's amazing seventeen thousand official reports we're talking Pennsylvania about one. Thousand reports over the course of thirty years here you're talking about in the public schools Seventeen thousand official reports of sex assaults on students. In four years alone according to hostile university researcher Cheryl shake shaft who performed a study. For the department of education in two thousand to the physical. Sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than one, hundred times abused by priests a federal report found four hundred and. Twenty two, thousand California Public school. Students would be victimized by sexual abuse before graduation which was every time more than the entire California Catholic school enrollment And. A survey from the American Association of university women and found that one in ten students from eighth, to eleventh grade said they'd been subjected sexual comments pornography or sexual contact from a teacher or school. Employees which would be four point five million students across America between kindergarten and twelfth grade. Who suffered sexual abuse by educator have you ever heard anybody. On the left to talk about any of that stuff of, course not even when the media reported it's relegated to secondary status Which is one of the reasons why we covered it right but did you cover it with the same sort of Lakrodi and anger that. You cover abuse in the Catholic. Church if the answer. Is. No I, have to assume the reason you're covering the Catholic church differently then you cover the sanctify public schools. Is because you, like the public schools the, Catholic church that is the rationale and it feels like every day, there's a new assault from the, left unfunded mental values and the New York Times is constantly promoting a certain agenda with regard to key values that we all hold dear values like mothers and fathers I have to go through this there's a great editorial great I mean it's, just awful freaking garbage over the New York Times by, by a guy named Kevin noble Mailer here's a professor I believe at Syracuse university and he is working on a. Book about modern fatherhood in America which is always a bad sign his the title? Of his, pieces when being a good dad gets you promoted to mommy Okay and here's what he says I'm a sucker for dramatic, homecomings I love stories of reunited siblings and devour videos of. Dogs greeting returning soldiers but I participate in my own reunion spectacle every weekday when I pick up my three year? Old from preschool she charges, at me like I'm an unintended bowl of cheddar goldfish mommy she's, wheels horseshoe ain't this dude horse showing her tiny arms around my neck before, she calls the emotion with the demand for food mommy you have snack my partner momma who is female is not, there I, like it we have to clarify all these things now now now my wife my partner mama comma who is female he says when our daughter. Says mommy she's talking to me. Her father when my. Partner. Heard about, this she laughed it's always weird to hear people who have a child together talk about their partners. They formed an, LLC to have the cat, neither one of us corrected our daughter we assumed it was all, part of language development then she, went all in announcing that she has mommy's the amusements and the lesbian parents at school Yeah, I'm a professor of family law, so it's my job to analyse these types of occurrences as. Part. Of some larger issue then. We are paying you too much. Money my friend has in this case I'm intrigued by children's, selection of names. For their parents and what it possibly signifies. United probably signifies that your kids a kid and is kinda dumb, breaking news as the father, of kids to kids under five kids. Are, stupid man I mean like I love them they're really smart for their age my daughter is brilliant for her age which means that. She's, four and a. Half and she takes a violent wasn't and she. Can play like. A note and it means that she's on. The verge of reading, and it, means that, if she were. Twenty she'd, be really stupid because, when, you're four and a half dome. Right and so if if my, daughter is. Calling me mommy or calling my wife daddy or something fair, assumption that she hasn't. Come up with some grand sociological scheme to. Rejig or the definition of gender in, American society most likely she's dumb but no but. No according to the New York Times this is an indicator of something deep and profound happening shift Within the nature of gender in the United States this guy says. Are other child who, has five, called both, parents mama when he started talking,.

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