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At the great 80s culture and everything the may be eighty so special starts at seven o'clock it is friday morning september ray flew and chile to go gather right here with our wash of at morning show hopefully got the sunglasses with you as you drop the kids off at school to get into work for the commute now plenty of sunshine out there fifty seven degrees mother gorgeous day look for a high today in the low to mid seventy chevy from update you right now that the latest showbiz buzz sponsored by birkin hubbard bank the very first us addition celebrity big brother is going to be premiering this winter host julie chen broke the news yes facing that she also going to be hosting that second spinoff series on cbs and that it's going to feature the signature competitions of the normal regular big brother but it's going to be also a more condensed see these them so that these celebrities won't be stuck for three months in a project but i'm wondering what celebici like what the it'll be meeting de last year he less pike is they're going to be monitored twenty four seven and having to stay with people they may not know or like very much i the bachelor announced their new main man per season 22 but i'll tell you you've seen him before re lyon dyke he's a former indy race car driver ed he was also the runnerup on season aides of the bachelorette back in two thousand twelve though ariz coming back but this time as a bachelor he said he'd been considered too be the bachelor in previous seasons but it never worked out for him until now by the way uh ariz season more coming up in january i love how abc just recycle gaby well because he figure it if the audience knows that personnel ready that there's already connection there are no watch it but he ever for 22nd save his wallet no no no it's the 22nd coming out there was the.

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