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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pack. Sean stack in the money agree with my partner and picks rack real money. Kramer. Hello. Hello ride. Got my fair share of Jim Nance on the the old the old tunings where you tune into the Genesis open. I caught a little the Genesis open your tech. I don't know it's golf it's not a major it's golf, and I didn't have money on it. So when you're laid up in bed. It's you know, it's just something to watch. Tiger. Did. All right tiger. Yeah. He was hanging around. Right. How close did he get to the? I think he was in the top five at one point. He played right. He played. Well, Justin Thomas, ultimate choke job. I do think that a couple of shanks. It does seem like that one of the sports that will just increase incredible volumes as all the states legalize. It's gotta be golf, right? Like how many dudes have a regular golf game? Where them like why aren't you betting? Why aren't you put in a couple of bucks? Everything's a long shot. Right. You're betting guys like ten. Ten twenty thirty two one one. And especially for me, the most fun has been Goff DFS because when you just have one guy, and then you're you're taking like one twenty two twenty to one longshot or or mid range. You almost have to. I it is good. How like my bookie and stuff like that offer those like head to head options. It's it's bettering can get closer to even money or like, a minus one Ted bet and Gough and the head to head stuff as being cool, the top twenty finishes, and especially the DFS because the DFS it's like, okay, great. I got six guys I can watch cana- route four and got my little squad. I mean in a way, it's it's, you know, it's just less binary. It's more like buying a stock or something less finality. Sean. I apologize. I just I was thinking about gymnasts. Now. Now that he's finally away from that filth. Tony romo. Do a good job. Got the Tony Romo suck off. Just never ends. It just it. He's he's always in the news for something. You know? Now, it's Tony Romo its sponsors exemption for PJ tours Byron Nelson. We'll fucking do. Come on. Do we really need more Romo? It's just a disgusting act. I'm gonna go with a strong. No. I mean, it is annoying. How he's already it's you can see it already. He's crescendo into this situation where he's going to be finally remembered after being nothing more than a fucking choke guard. There's gonna be some people in the media are going to be trying to build a hall of fame case for Tony road. It's Shannon's gusting well before Jason Garrett gonna get your fucking shine box eastern, Illinois. Oh, wow. What a what a on heaven. Jimmy. Oh, wow. What a great story. Oh, yeah. Sean, did you know, he's Mexican American. No. I didn't great story. Wow. American success. Story Tony Romo..

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