Jack, Asia, Greenberg Wyatt discussed on Risky Business - Risky Business #459 -- Actually yes, 'cyber war' is real for Ukraine


I pray every one unwelcome too risky business your weekly information security news and current affairs show on i'm patrick bright poor to put it another way salama dong any ski business at the up mean guky batata betty day informasi cam on on on took some water lord on young cut of jack harassed business you do now messiah patrick lay that's right i am back on deck but i am still awaiting that asia hiding from the astride in winter where i would be facing the grim reality of daily maximums the twenty degrees back home that's like 68 faranheit throw you americans burr as i say i am back on deck and we've got a great show for you this week we'll be chatting with anti greenberg wyatt about his cover story for that magazine he traveled to ukraine back in march two research he's story on russian attacks against the ukrainian power grid he joins us this week to share the insights he gleaned during his travels this week's show is brought to you by sense posed sense posed is based in south africa and also has a presence in england in london up but they've really well known for offering training courses at black hat and this year will be the th year that they've run training courses there as can be expected the brand new devolped security costs has gone absolutely gangbusters in terms of registrations this year up but the rules are offering a bunch of other courses nubby joining us to chat about trends in training in this week's sponsor of you but of course before we get into all of that it is time to check the security news of the last few weeks that good friend adam boy large and adam we nearly got third we nearly got her one of my vacations without a major incident but alas it was not to be in the uh the pecchia.

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