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Additional room desert veer, so we've got 427 additional cases coming. That's 17,000. In 80 additional vials of rum desert Veer. Florida is reporting at second sharpest daily rise in cases, hospitals and Louisiana are worried about a possible shortage of intensive care beds. And there were more single day records in Texas and Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quentin Lucas a number of outbreaks relating to bars and other kind of facilities of that sort, so we're maintaining our 50% capacity limits on on bars and taverns. In Kansas, A meatpacking plants have been hit hard. I'd buy the Corona virus. A new complaint by workers rights groups accuses them of putting profits before people Joe Henry is with forward Latino. One of the plaintiffs. The amount of abuse we allow in these plants will decide what type of the country way are. We cannot allow these workers to continue to be abused. It's time for common sense. To find for calling. The Dow was up 368. This is CBS. You know that capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges and helps if you need to fix them Capital one. What's in your wallet? C Capital one dot com for details. Three GOP on this Friday, July 10th 2020. It's 89 degrees in Washington. We're headed to the mid seventies tonight. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. Breaking news this afternoon here on Double D T O P. D. C. Police say they have arrested another suspect in that shooting that killed an 11 year old during an anti Val violence cookout. The Fourth of July in southeast D. C 22 year old Christian Wingfield of Hillcrest Heights. Maryland, is now in custody. He's been charged with first degree murder while armed in the death of Davon McNeil you'll recall yesterday, 18 year old Darryl Bond was arrested in the case. DC Police have also identified two other suspects, 19 year old Carlo general and 25 year old Marcel Gordon. Both live in Southeast D. C. They're considered armed and dangerous. We have photos of the suspects on double duty. Dot com So go there. If you wanted to learn more. It's 404 Now to the push to get the Washington Redskins to change their name. It appears the wheels are in motion after public and economic pressure to switch away from a name that many find offensive. But if the Redskins don't change their name, FedEx Field may lose its name. The naming rights deal that FedEx has with the Redskins is supposed to last through 2026. But the company has reportedly threatened to kill the deal and take its name off FedEx Field. If the Redskins don't change their name. That's what the Washington Post is reporting, citing a source who has access to a letter that was sent from FedEx his attorneys to the Redskins. We reached out to FedEx in the company tells w. T. O p that it stands by its previous statement that it has communicated to the team. It's request that the name be changed. The letter was reportedly sent on July 2nd 1 day before team owner Daniel Snyder publicly announced that the team was launching a thorough review of its name Nick in Delhi. W T o P News Meantime, AH former Redskins player has pleaded guilty in a kickback scheme involving Metro employees. Bryan Carpenter of Centerville, played defensive back for Washington Buffalo in the New York Giants during the early eighties, later ran a company that helps sell and distribute cleaning promise. Federal prosecutors say Carpenter devised a scheme in which Metro employees let him charge their work credit cards for supplies that were never delivered. Carpenter kept much of what was charged the employees were paid for letting him use their cards later. I gave those employees fake invoices. Prosecutors say Metro lost more than $300,000 in this scam. Carpenter has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He faces up to 20 years in prison when he's sentenced in December. Local members of Congress are accusing US Park police of stonewalling lawmakers more than 2.5 years after officers shot and killed a man during a traffic stop on the G W Parkway. Our story from double DT Opie's Mitchell Miller, the lawmakers received a letter this week in response to a letter they sent Into the park Police last November seeking an update on the investigation into the 2017 death of B John Gesar, who was shot inside his vehicle after a slow moving chase on the parkway. The park Police letter confirms two officers were placed on administrative leave but provides little new information on the investigation, which remains under review pending possible prosecution. DC delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton had written Park police along with Virginia representatives Don Beyer and Jennifer Weston when the response told us nothing we did. I already know the only word for word was disgusted on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller. W. T. O P News. A local man is spending his time off from work, making his house a place where those in need congee food can't afford. He started grocery shopping and handing out food for those in need about 10 years ago. But during the pandemic, Rufino Fuentes realized that more people needed his help. They always say, Can I get advice for my name were for my for my family that they can come in here? But can you Please provide us for them as they absolutely. He gets donations from the USDA through his church, Galicia Baptist, a Washington and has food shipped to his home. Last week, he got 600 gallons of milk to his front door. This is all in addition to his full time job at a wine distribution companies tie. I feel tired, so that is encourage. May do you know, Forget about the tire Valerie Bonds. W T. O be news of next. Should schools REOPEN this fall? We'll talk about the president's push in the face of the pandemic. With Washington Post, Robert Constant for Osa. 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