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That I feel like guys have been free to practice. Whatever they want With that I mean it's it's ah a high octane. You know we you know we believe Alpha males are like they're the weakland's is like extreme Alpha male context and and it's an environment environment where everybody is is harassed and so So if if you're walking whatever your faith is you're going to be harassed with your faith and if you're an atheist and you're really into to whatever you fill in the blank you're going to get aroused for that and so It just the nature of the beast as we like we we express love. How's Bhai by tearing into one another and so So the guys that are strong in the faith or strong faith and they're gonNA they're gonNA take a ribbon for being strong in their their faith and guys that aren't don't have any faith that are in other things they're going to take a ribbon for whatever they're in so i. I do think that were were changes. The context of You know pre nine eleven. We were invincible. And and It was it was just a different mindset. We we have lost many good men and lost a lot of personal friends ends over the course of the last however many almost twenty years and it's been since nine eleven happened and so the the the. The posture changed changed when when we started taking more casualties. And so I think guys are a little bit more There's a there's a more serious note about faith and and religion and I do think that there's been a you know like I. I feel like I know more brothers and the teams that are that are believers now than I did back then but also I wasn't really a believer so it's hard it's hard to quantify that you know so yeah and definitely to that you know I think like you said most of the The guys that are have on. I can't imagine how difficult it must be keeping family mentality together while you're serving the themes because it seems like. It's you know such a highly dedicated job that you have to have so much focus on and I know that the marriage the divorce rate in the scenes is pretty high and I and I would imagine that the big part of the reason why You know you were able to disassociate your just get away from the teams to focus on the family. Yeah but at the end to push back on that there are there. There are many guys who are successfully married and have good families and have been faithful to their wives like a ton of guys have and and to the the men that I look to with positive outlooks on their marriage and family life in light of the extreme demand of traveling. And what they're doing is is that the team guy wife is a special breed. There are some very tough and resilient ladies and so you know I am able to Even in my life I'm I'm been able to be the husband and Dad because my wife is is exceptional and and there are You know I'm not gonNA name names but I I can. I can think of dozens and dozens of these team. Guy Wives that are just exceptional women that can hold the family together and are resilient and and then have to NASA the about them that that is on par with their husbands and so I do think for any successful marriages as marrying well and not letting your passions get the Dasa of you and and really you know selecting a quality spouse means you.

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