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Yokich job. Just get right down right to the right to the paint right to the block it set yourself up Lowry marketed trying to fight him off commits a foul. And now he's at the free throw line. Free throw form is up and in. Joker against Golden State only had four rebounds, a run of eight straight games with ten or more rebounds ended. I'd also equalled the season low form in rebounds with four. Mccaslin. Only good things happen when you put continuous pressure on a diva exactly and Yoka tried here at the free throw line, is example of that. He makes both the free throws. And let's see if the bulls are going to try and get this two for one back, if they do they want need to shoot it in a hurry. Don has it on the high right side guarded by Harris comes off of a pick throws left side over his Selden two for one is gone Selden. We'll take a contest to to jump shot. No good. And the rebound comes down in the colour Yokich and Denver will wind down differs between game and shot clock is one point four or five seconds at the mid court circle circles joe-marie he's got it out there by Hutchison nuggets lead it fifty eight to forty seven nine on the shot clock. Here's a pick from Yokich Murray moves off of that stops picks up the dribble right side of the Beasley and three. Got it. Denver's pig lead of the night the wrote by fourteen sixty one to forty seven. Inbound three seconds left. Selden has it. He gets across the time line Caixa three counts of the goes. And he rattled it out at the horn, nuggets outscore the Chicago Bulls thirty three to seventeen in the third quarter and Denver leads it by fourteen at halftime. It's sixty one to forty seven. We'll take time out in my main, man. Mark.

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