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Way, did slam a briefing held by top administration officials on the targeted strikes that killed Salamoni, saying the information did not describe an imminent threat to U. S. Troops and diplomats, etcetera. The barn. Many would agree that the over 600 Americans killed already is well beyond justification. Of course it is. And this is what Solely money did every day was plot new terrorist attacks? Against America. It's like saying that that a guy who builds buildings was never going to build another building in his life as soon as he finished one. All he have all an architect ever thinks of is drafting new plans for a new building. All of all, a road paver everything. This is paving a new road. And all the money ever thought of was plotting another attack against the United States. I don't need specific intelligence to tell me that he was plotting another attack against us. That's what he has done every day for the last 20 years. And he made himself extremely effective at it. There is nobody who can take its place. His new deputy, Ismail, tiny, that, you know he may have been shadowing him. But it's like having it would be like me watching you do your show and then having you step down and say, Go ahead, Bart, you know, take over. I can come on in pontificate for 20 minutes. But I don't know anything about running the show. So lay money ran the show for Iran for for Cuba for Dennis Whalen for North Korea. He is the guy who who Singlehandedly has proliferated nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction among evil regimes around the world, and he would have continued doing it. He cannot be replaced. And you say this man you call the engineer. His top bomb making guy was also taken out. Yes, And that guy l'm attended the engineer. He was the guy that way back in 1983 put together an attack on the American Embassy in Kuwait that killed three local employees. Whom I didn't know personally, but every day when I walked into that embassy when I was serving there for three years every day I stopped and I looked at the plaque Commemorating them because those were people. Local employees that didn't know anything about politics. They just they had a great job working at the American Embassy. They were killed by Abu Musab Vielma ended by a bomb that he made He and 17 others were in jail for the longest time, and Saddam Hussein released them when he invaded Kuwait. And that's the kind of person that was Solomon his right hand man. In Iraq. That's what they did about a minute bar but wanted to ask you, Senator Dianne Feinstein is saying this act of taking out Salamoni might factor into any impeachment vote she might have regarding an impeachment of President Trump Do. Democrats think they can go back and add to the list of impeachable offenses? And by the way, Nancy Pelosi is announcing that she wants a Thursday vote. To try to limit Trump's war powers on Iran. Lindsey Graham saying the last thing we need are 535 commanders in chief. Let him be Yeah. Nancy Pelosi, Addison's Wednesday night reading the Constitution before she holds a vote Thursday morning. She doesn't get to do that. This is not a this is not a question of declaring war President Trump made very specific commitment that he's not seeking war. I spoke with a friend in the region state before yesterday, and he said, Listen, I said, What do you think of what's going on a very shrewd observer of it all, and he said, listen, he said. Iran will try to do anything. They could grab America's armor, hands or legs to drag them into war. That's what they want, and we have to leave it there. Bart, Last words, Thank you so much. His hair loss. Run in your family..

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