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Made that ring of honor and new Japan are coming together, putting the roster's together just like they do for the war of the worlds tour, and they are going to be running a show at Madison Square Garden wrestlemainia weekend. I think it's the Saturday. I think it's competing with annex t, which is really, really smart because you know, it might be one thing if wrestlemainia was being put on in an arena, and you'll have an arena full of people travelling to see it, right. I mean, theoretically, it's not going to be that many people going to see this show that don't have tickets, but you've got a stadium full of people that are in town to see wrestlemainia that a quarter, if that maybe less than a quarter, maybe a fifth of. What can fit in giant stadium is going to be in the Barclay center. That means you got four fifths of the people that will be in MetLife left on Saturday night with nothing to do so, what are they gonna go see new Japan and ring of honor and Madison Square Garden. It's a historic show. Look, I'm a takeover fanatic working with WWE doing those takeover. Pre shows have been some of if not my favorite things just because all those shows, especially this year have been so special. There is no place that I'd rather be on those pay per view weekends than on that panel for takeover. But there's a huge part of me. That's like, oh, man, I gotta choose one or the other. If I'm at takeover, I'm not going to be able to be at this ring of honor new Japan show because it's going to be history in Madison Square Garden. It's going to be amazing. It's huge for new Japan and ring of honor. I, I really think though. That ring of honor needs to really use this momentum. I think I personally think that an all out merger needs to happen between new Japan and ring of honor. Because if not, then you just got to amazing rosters that you're putting together for super shows. I think an all out merger needs to happen between these two companies, ring of honor needs to basically become new Japan's United States touring branch the tours throughout the United States, not just in California and you know, have guys from the American side, go over to Japan, have guys from the Japanese side, go over to America, you know, and and have it be won promotion under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all. You know that to me if you can just simply merge the two promotions..

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