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I thought it would be engaging and also kind of a brain break issue. Some classic piece of art like chili's venus or something like that us that one when we start talking about certain aspects of the female reproductive system and In you know in explained that who painted it and what era it came from what the symbolism is because a lot of art in different eras of styles have symbolism Explained that symbolism and how it relates to what we're gonna be talking about and then move on in you know what i've had students and this is more than one student. I swear his have run into him later and they said me by doing that. It made me more interested in what was going on with some of that art and i remembered some of it in art history when i took art history and some even said. That's why took art history. Might my fine arts option is because of the things that you did with that. And i'm thinking whoa this is get a commission from the east department or something. But that's cool that that's helping them crossover because we hear so much information about how that helps for students to do that. That crossing over of concepts among different disciplines and they can see how the humanities relate to the sciences. When we do that sort of thing. Another kind of of title slide you might wanna do. Is some current news story that relates to the topic. You're about to get into or some recent scientific discovery that has been made. You can talk about that and say okay and we're going to be talking about this science now in this part of the story so my advice is to use a title slide into us that is an engaging transition into a new topic and not just a sharp sudden kind of alarming. Just jump okay. Now we're done with that are starting this and oh man. We need kind of a moment to gather our breath at. Oh look at that painting. That is kind of cool. I can't like that. Or i relate that or whatever and.

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