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Iran four six. Oh coming out but you know. I think that. Just betting on the offense is really what you're getting at here with c age. And i think that even with daryl williams coming back his competition for touches is pretty minimal in city and i think in your one with you know the the lack of practice time and all that had an impact on how much he was used in the passing game because he set receiving records at lsu for running back he comes in and they were not using him on. You know very many wheel routes they were not throwing street. They were throwing more screen. Passes travis kelsey than they were to clyde edwards solaire. I think we should bank on seeing a little bit more of that in year two They did sign jerk mackinnon in the off season. And so we'll see what happens jake mckinnon. He's struggled to stay healthy. But i think that most likely mckinnon is going to make the team. I think and that would have an impact if he plays obviously on c. h. So yeah i mean not even a question for me that i prefer nausea over c. h. Obviously fading chiefs very scary though twenty third overall is aj brown and his adp is obviously gone down a lot since the hulu move. I think it's gone down to far you. Rebound seventeenth actually. Aj brown fifteenth. I think way too much over correction. After the julio thing yes his target share projection goes down slightly but the titans are going to throw the ball more now they have. Julio i think they'll have more confidence and throw the ball more obvious and coolio will attract some attention free up jay brown at least to some degree so i want to bet on. Aj round total freetown also went down on ryan. Tannehill i think ryan tanis one of the most underrated fantasy. Plays right now at the quarterback position. But yeah i still like. Aj more than the market does the julio things not bother me as much as it did the market. I assume you agree as you have him. Seventeenth overall. Since brown entered the league two years ago. He's top five in yards per catch yards per target in receiving touchdowns among nfl wideouts. I think that the titans might throw one hundred more times or one hundred and fifty more times than they did last year. They're going to be really bad on defense. And they're they're changing coordinators. I'm not sure that they're going to be quite as committed to the run game. This season Aj brown reminds me of terrell. Owens a ball dominant alpha. Julio jones playing seventeen games seems very unlikely. I think if they got ten or twelve out of that'd be really good. Aj brown absolute insane talent and i. I'm surprised that his adp is actually dipped almost to the almost into the third round. At this point yeah and he's real close to the last guy we're going to talk about. Who has a second round. Adp and s justin jefferson. I mean you have just jefferson. nineteen. I haven't twenty-second. Adp is twenty fourth. What doesn't everson did as a rookie. I don't think people understand how rare it is for a rookie wide receiver to come in and do that. Just an absolutely outrageous season for just jefferson. Adam feeling is now a year old outfielder but anthony is a older as a year under his belt. Gavin's of line. I think we'll be better this year. And i think there's reason to think jefferson is just like a total freak out liar and so i want to be a little bit above market at least on justin jefferson but still for me behind a aj brown. Your you have pretty similar where you have behind your brand as well one of the great things about justin jeff person who i i compared to michael thomas coming out of. Lsu's that he can win inside and out. He was a slot receiver his final season at lsu a dominant slot receiver but in a as a rookie. He was a he was a big play. wide receiver. only decay metcalf tyreek hill and calvin ridley accumulated more yards on. Twenty plus yard downfield passes than than did justin jefferson. Justin jefferson wasn't even a starter to begin the year. He was behind. Bc johnson on the depth chart throughout training camp in weeks. One and two. They unleashed him in week three. He went on to break rainy. Moss's nfl rookie. Record for receiving yards finished number two among nfl receivers only davante adams in yards for run. So i mean just the trajectory right right here. Looks really really hot for justin jefferson. Yep certainly no problem. There and i ended up. I do when i get early. Picks i end up a lot. I've had a lot of draft start. Mccaffrey alvin and then waller. And jefferson. The to return and i feel really good about that especially in best ball last thing i want to mention. Here's george kill. You notice that george kills. Adp has fallen out of the second round. George cadle hasn't twenty-five adp right now. I'm a little higher on just on george cato than you are i haven't twenty-fourth you have him twenty-ninth. I agree that his target share will be lower than darren waller's and i think that did forty nine is gonna run the ball close to five hundred times this year. I think br you can have a great season. I prefer to deebo sample sanyal for sure but i think i like both those guys. Well still this season to score a lot of points. They have absolutely incredible game environments and matchups non. They play the nfc west. Obviously but they get detroit philly to start. They play jacksonville. Cincy atlanta. I mean weeks fourteen to seventeen. They play cincy atlanta tennessee. Houston so in these formats which moves through. Formats are whether you're best ball or season-long you're going to want to have forty niners in your lineup. In the fantasy playoff time. I've given george cadle a slight boost that i normally do this for the schedule. But this forty or schedule is so outlier soft and so ourself specifically in week. Fourteen to seventeen. We're we're trying to win all the money. So i want to bet on george hill talent and the schedules a cherry on top. So i do have george hill as a second round. Pick twenty fourth overall for me. One spot behind darren waller you have him twenty twenty-ninth george kiddle was essentially hurt for almost the entirety of last season week one. He added mc l. sprain week eight. He broke a bone in his foot. He still led all. Nfl tight ends in yards per route run. He mashed his previous career high in yards for target. And i mean he's just such an efficient player. I think pound for pound. He might be a top five. Nfl player across the entire league. The issue is that he is such a big part of the forty niners running game. He's a bad ass walker. And once trae lance gets in there you know. I think that this is a team that you know could might only have to throw the ball twenty two times a game to to get done what they want to get done and so that creates a volume concern especially with a healthy deebo samuel a healthy brain. Iu and so. That's the issue that i see with. George hate betting against george kettle. But i am below. Adp on him. Okay totally fair. That's gonna do it for this round two player by player breakdown. Hope you all enjoyed it. We'll be back on friday with matt harman's do some deep dives on wide receiver outlooks this year. In the meantime evans gonna be updating his top one fifty shirt. Add to the site to check that out. It's part of our draft. Which once again is just thirty. Four dollars and ninety nine cents for producer. Luke four add i adam good luck everybody..

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