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Are you today i'm amazing tom how are you yes are always is good i love your interest that kelly it's great to talk to you again i haven't touching awhile glad you're doing okay here i know this might seem like an obvious question but because you the professional i just want to ask why is making sure to take care of our brain so important well our brain controls our body a control everything whether you know our our heart rate are breathing uh w tells you when you're hungry as well as does those things like you're driving down the street and you see a ball roll out in front of you hey there might be kid coming behind it you'd better slow down or stop you know our brain keeps us functioning moving forward so when it starts messing up we start having cross or do like some certain disciplines that maybe you observe like when you get up in the morning of their certain things that you do that you know help your brain could going into the day well it's it's interesting there there's a lot of things we can do throughout the day uh you know it one of them actually and believe it or not are spending a few minutes here and they're playing games that make you think i'm not tictactoe okay but like to do co or oh yeah yeah you know where you have to sit there and process now you don't want to spend a lot of time doing that because we have other things to do but there are times when we need to have a little bit of entertainment and i really don't want to recommend sitting down in front of a television because the research shows that you're brainwave activity actually at times go down below that of when you're sleeping so it doesn't stimulate your brain the way we think it does but going maybe to see a play or.

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