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Time. Go to our social media page at Tomahawk show. You can see all of these videos of our alive interviews with all of these amazing guests that we had they were really fun. Like, we mentioned everybody left feeling happier than when they came to the show, and I feel like in our own small way, we're making the world a better place on the Tomahawk show. We are man it was a blessing to come down here again and let this whole radio row, Joe Hawke themselves. Every time I loved it. Everyone's filling the vibes man. And I think without further ado, it is time to get into our interviews in part to starting with two former Juku teammates, Steve Smith senior in Ocho Seco himself. Now, joining us into Twitter blue room here on the Tomahawk show is the legend himself, and we always say the best XYZ in NFL history, for my opinion. This is the best receiver in NFL history. And I mean that with no tongue and cheese. So that's why I'm kind of surprised I somebody else, you know, what it's worthy for people that don't know. Steve is the guy that I looked up to from the start. He was a teammate of my brother, and my brother would tell me these stories about how he was the toughest as obe- he'd ever met in his life. So joining us now, the legend himself, Steve Smith senior how you doing man doing good, man. I've been all hog longtime on his brother going to get his brother when he was with the Bengals and then and going against him. And I take you came with Carolina met you are in college. And then I remember watching them on the on on that show that you was owning and getting ripped off. And just just ripped off. You know, just how it was what it was a great opportunity because it was it gave you an opportunity to show that you could play. Right. That should we already like as a wide receiver? You could see why receivers get whether you go by why should you can look at another wide receiver and go he hasn't or he doesn't right, right? And so that. That's one of the things that always always loved about you and loved it. And when you when you play a opportunity, you just ran with it man shows cool. Can't can't thank you enough. Now you hear down Atlanta for Super Bowl Brady playing in his thirty seconds Super Bowl game. Here you played against Brady understanding that what do you think the Rams need to do to try to throw him off his game? I mean really is going to really start up front with those guys get him corralled in there making him uncuffed uncomfortable. Getting you know, there's Joe when you you had a former teammate of my Jake Jake was always getting long in his five or seven step drought. Whitney put pressure on the tackle to maybe keep his hands out there. And so Brady doesn't get deep into the pocket. His five or steps is not his five step or sevens to have dropped is not like a nonstop drop. That is really a problem for tackles. His is more. His five step is really like three and a half four because he wants to keep everything in front of them getting a ball out less than three. Seconds being efficient understanding way needs to do. And one of the myths that people don't really understand radio has gotten older, but he's gotten sharper, he understands his deficiencies, and he just works around the things that he does well out is four thousand yards throwing seventy really only seven hundred and fourteen yards of that four thousand is twenty yards or more. So the big place. Yes. Watch all the big plays are really coming underneath. You know, seventy one percent of his four thousand are eleven yards and below. So he's officiant. That means he sees the defense he Di sex it formulates a plan. Does this not count readjusts? The the slot slide protection. Oh, yeah. It's down. Like that. And so that's what you have to do is get him to slow down that machine that processor up there..

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