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In an effort to win this year maybe get one more year and their window of opportunity and now the most important guy in their roster is gone in a season which they do not have much margin for error and especially early in the year out of their first cert thirty three games ten or against the dodgers and you can bet the bumgarner would have started at least three of those and now he's not going to be available buster martin metcalfe here aaron boone obviously is it seems like he's in a great situation what's a fair expectation in terms of wins losses in postseason success in his first year i would be absolutely shocked if the yankees don't make the postseason they are loaded with talent you know is stepping right into an incredible situation you know that young court talent the baby bombers was carlos dan being added in they have the best bullpen baseball with their trade they may last year with david robertson and tommy canley eighty added to aroldis chapman and delicate dance his and here's the other thing too they have and we don't haven't said this about the yankees in about thirty years they have tremendous payroll flexibility for mid season so if they need to go out and make a trade their farm systems loaded they can take on salaries part of the reason why you didn't see them you know be aggressive in trying to go after jake arrieta alex cobb this spring is because they're holding their powder for midseason to determine what exactly they need you know i i think both the red sox and the yankees are gonna make the playoffs that's the big challenge for each of those teams.

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