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Is fierce patriot tangled lies to come to sharp. A man I only knew before as, as the civil war, general, the man who led the March to the sea that broke the confederacy this eighteen sixty five possibly is the man, who was the second to go grant at the siege of Vicksburg that was critical to turning the war in eighteen sixty three. But this is the full picture of who Sherman was before grant. And he worked together in war-fighting, which was ugly and the horror of the civil wars ahead of us. But before that sherman's married, and he goes off to California. Again, this time he gets there because there's this, pulling the Ewing, family. They want him to leave the military to resign his commission to work to work for the family property. Is that the tension he feels Bob? Yeah. They want him to get out of the military. It, it, it isn't considered an. And he is in a situation where he, he really is. He feels is very careerist been has been deeply compromised by missing. They Mexican war. So he he's not that hopeful of his military career, and he's not he's, he's used to it. But he, he doesn't realize how much enjoys it until he ultimately leave for a while. But at any rate, there's all this pull to try to turn him into a banker and Sherman wasn't a great banker. He was a careful banker. But probably if you believe the adage, that all money is made at the margins then Sherman was not a good guy. He he was about calculated risk. They send him seven Cisco, and he comes up against what you'd have to say is a wild scene of rascals and bankruptcies. And all of a sudden people making promises they can't keep at this point. I think yeah, bra Braxton bragg's brevity Colonel Hal expen- promoted, and, and Sherman was still a first Lieutenant, I don't think it was a captain yet. So he takes a six month leave. And he heads off to San Francisco. He was it was a man of rectitude. He believed in law and order yet a permanent sense of discipline, and San Francisco looks to overwhelmed him did it did it Dr into despair letters to Ellen say that, that I'm defeated. He's getting there. His worst days, are actually in Leavenworth, Kansas. But things don't go well for him on, and it's in a second time in California. He does when he gets there, there is almost immediately or run on the banks, and he performs pretty well because he's again, fairly careful he had enough capital that he could cover most of his loans. And he did though have a week nece in that he extended some credit to some military, some of his friends from West Point Braxton Bragg, Don car rag among William hardy, George Thomas all major for the war. And he had to make good on those investments out of his own pocket, how much he actually lost is hard to nobody. It was time to make money too. And after that he established himself meet in a very nice neighborhood and started pretty much living large. And of course, one of the things about Ellen besides, you're very religious nature was her dedication to shopping. So she was always a costly bride. And the Ohio Princess never changed her whole. No, no. But in the meantime, Howick was interesting, he, too left a service, what happened was towards the end of the his his time in California. How became because they were working on the California constitution. He became an expert on land ownership and soon set himself up as a lawyer in San Francisco. And under the unlikely name of peachy buildings and Howick. And they were the, the in terms of title. They were the goal the gold standard, and he made a fortune, in California will become commander general and chief of the army. That's why we keep mentioning him. And they will do all the way through the civil war. It's a treat to think of Haluk wandering around San Francisco being a being a wealthy man. Always thought of him is that the character you described the punchy guy who looks who's got a wondering eye and, and his grumpy at the war department. I'd never thought of him in, in any other fashion. No, he was. He made himself. I mean he was a remarkable guy that, that one scene, when they're calling it around on their way to California, California on the sailboat and heloc is has tied himself to a in a storm. He's tied himself to a to the wall, so he can write and study. That's how come the boat to California. Now we come to a part where Sherman has vision of the transcontinental railroad. And you say it's in his letters to Ellen does he also right to the war department. This time his brother now is an up and coming politician. He's in the house of representatives, John Sharman, who will be gone, extremely prominent. Yes. And John so impressed by this that he has published in Washington. And yet again, Sherman gets this bit of notoriety, and people really read this take it seriously. He's very well form. I mean, this is the guy that was shipwrecked Weiss on, on his way to California. Ellen was even shipwrecked at one point there. They had a deep deep personal desire for a transcontinental railroad. I think, and keep that in mind because Sherman will be a principal in creating the conditions for the transcontinental railroad after the war, we're moving towards the war. It's like the, the thunder you can hear off stage. You know, it's coming, but we're building the conditions for it because Sherman has experiences all over the country has been in Florida certainly been up and down the Mississippi comes from Ohio. He likes Saint Louis lot. We've mentioned Fort Leavenworth. He's spent time in. San Francisco and in the south of Las Californias. Well, the missions and also dealing with the gold rush Sutter's mill but now we take him into one. I'd say one of the strangest episodes, contrary to everything you assumed at the time, even bringing into question, his loyalty, right before the civil war. He's run out of good ideas about serving in the army, and he's offered a job to lead a seminary in Baton Rouge to turn it into a military, academy. And the people who hire our Braxton Bragg and a man name Beauregard, who's Beauregard who are brag what do they want him to do? Well, basically PG ball regard becomes one of the best generals in the confederacy and Braxton Bragg is nowhere near as good. But he, he was very important general in the confederacy. And you know the question that, you know is like the dog that didn't bark. The question that Sherman never ask. Why do these people want to establish a military academy down here in eighteen six? He was strangely blonde. To the whole issue of slavery and secession. He just didn't wanna hear it because basically could lead to the break-up denied states. He just he wanted to just saw pedal it. I think he, he, he described, you know, we have to treat the south like a dog without a tail or something like that. Just pretend we just don't see slavery, you know. And so he kidded himself that this secession crisis wasn't building. And of course, it hit it, shattered, his, his brother. John Sherman wrote him about this. You, you make a note. The John Sherman endorsed Hinton helper, who is the author of the impending crisis in the south, that's one of the books that everybody talks about at the time we know wars coming. Well, Sherman was embarrassed by that. And actually John actually took back his, his. His endorsement of that book and it, it actually cost him being elected speaker of the house of representatives got because he endorsed because John, John endorsed, the book put it put Sherman kind of on the hot seat to and Sherman. Again, you know, he just was confronted by bunch of these politicians in Louisiana and basically said, you know, I, I have no problem with slavery. You know, and my brother is my brother and he just they convinced them that it wasn't a problem with him, which it wasn't until they decided to secede Lincoln, Israel elected in the fall of sixty he's going to be take the office in the March of sixty one remember this before they changed that term to January and in that interim the confederacy starts to form it self, I South Carolina than the other states follow. So it's impossible for. Sherm to ignore this. His brother invites him to Washington and my note here says that's when he met Lincoln for the first time. Yeah, that was the first time he, of course, did resign from the military academy, and there was actually they thought he was very effective. Leader would have been glad to have him. Stay probably glad to have him as a confederate general, but he he had an interview with the governor that was funny. So, you know, governor is good to see, you know, the next time I see, I may have to hang you, and he sort of could say that in a laughing way, but, but anyway, so he sort of was cooling, his heels, not sure what to do. And John thought, well, you know, this is the time to bring him to Washington. And so he gets a, a meeting with of president ABRAHAM LINCOLN and Lincoln as he meets Blinken several times over. The next couple of years, Lincoln have a vivid memory of does Lincoln talk about him or is he just one of the one of the young men, who well he's is in his forties. But one of the young men who bounces by me, and I'm always looking for talent. He, he seems to remember Sherman, like can't cite a quote that said, you know, and Lincoln's looked our and said, who is that guy? Boy, we need guys like that. But on first meeting it was early in Lincoln's presidency. And the white wherever the office was that Lincoln was meeting in. I don't think it was the Oval Office, then it was just filled with people, and he came over and John introduced him, and he sat down for a moment, and he said, well, how are they getting along down there in the south? He said, this is my brother just up from Louisiana, and he said, well, how do they get along and Sherman said, they're getting along fine? They're preparing for war. Four. And at this point, no shots had been Fard and Lincoln said, well, I think would get along with this, and he got up and left and Sherman stormed out of it. A White House and was standing on the on the pavement, you'd be rating. John saying, you know, you got an assist hell the message. This guy doesn't even know there's going to be a war. Let's go to war. The book is fierce patriot tangled lies William tecumseh Sherman, Robert L O'Connell is the author next. I bull run. I'm John bachelor. America is offering absolutely free. 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