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Note you're listening to the takeout tuesday takeout out take special major garrett were at the turkey habit restaurant and the monaco hotel downtown washington dc having our lunch danny glover's are most special guest here in washington to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of dr martin luther king and if possible reanimate the conversation nationally about social justice economic power and the like danny this is the segment of our program that's much more relaxed much less intense much more fun games i thought it was often much more relaxed so we have three questions we ask every one of our guests is the sixty fourth episode of my show and our audience loves the answers which means the questions aren't so bad so here's a three questions and we've got so many great and diverse and informative answers for this so one of the most influential or the most influential book in your life one of your your all time favorite movie and if you're on a long flight or a long drive what music are you most likely to listen to the the first question was what influential book and it can be many we've had been many many minutes wbz boys is the souls of black folk rin in nineteen oh three is is one of the most extraordinarily books that i've read tomatoes about that a little bit it is twelve parables wd boras i actually wanted a great intellectuals of the twentieth century lasts first part of the twentieth century was born in eighteen sixty eight three that the civil war he died on the eve on the march march washington in ghana in nineteen sixty three and he was known it was not an orator but his writing is amazing he's considered the father of modern sociology with this philadelphia's study in one thousand nine hundred and eighteen ninety nine a black people in philadelphia but this book the souls of black folk charts this moment from emancipation through through jim crow.

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