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The end of the season this whole thing though is what's interesting is everybody wants fi fangio fire and i get it. I do too. Everybody wants pat. Shurmur gone and i get it same way von miller. I agree with all that but with the new ownership situation and the way john elway has set things up over the last five years. Your hands are tied. I don't don't do the broncos do anything right now. does it make sense. I mean let's write it out the thing. Is they have the talent. Yeah the more are there. Which is what's really frustrating. Okay do they really need to rebuild anything. They've got the guys there. They've got good young players. Who just need to get healthy altogether. You know so if you've got that the finger definitely starts pointing to who's coming up with the game plan for these guys to execute the game play. The slow starts definitely fall right on the head coaches other. The slow start can be determined by head coach in in my opinion. If they're coming out flat like that you're obviously not doing something in the pregame warmups. You're not getting them going. In the locker room beforehand. That motivation from the head coach. Isn't there something. I picked up from the post game last night. And we're gonna play some of this back today Vic has a phrase that he likes to most head coaches say we and us. He says they when he talks about this team. We had them in the right spot but they didn't execute they didn't do. He's not taking any of that ownership. He doesn't see himself as a head coach. He eases coordinator. That's holding a clipboard. He's not a head coach. This was a terrible higher from the beginning when johnno a higher this guy at the age of sixty one that that doesn't bother me. It's the fact that i never been ahead code. Sixty one young but he'd never been a head coach before. There's a reason for if you're gonna do that. You go with the guy that's brand new into the system you missed out on kyle shanahan for joseph. You missed out on a lot of these young and up and coming coaches. And i don't even need them to be young and upcoming but give me a history of something you wanted of defensive-minded guy. Gary kubiak was an offensive minded guy..

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