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Traffic is jammed up from Cotman to just before Bridge. It's a car fire and penned out of saying now that nobody's getting by and as you look up ahead in the in the camera we're seeing you could actually see the black smoke rising there. So 95 South bound. It is a car fire, and it's right before Bridge Street. Unfortunate. We're also seeing people backing up and turning around and going the wrong way on 95. Not a good idea. Lots worse things could go on than being stuck in traffic. So please definitely be patient on the arrest of 95. Everything looks okay. Scougall Expressway eastbound heading through the contract and curve. You're at an absolute crawl here, and this is because of lightbulb changing crew in the right lane. Before the Gladwin on ramp. Also, you've got 76 eastbound past young slow right after that, Anyway, as you head out to broad Street of construction westbound, you are jammed up from approaching university out to 30th Street. We've gotta work crew that's working at in the right lane. Things are looking pretty good on the blue room for 76. Now in Delaware. We've got another car fire here. This one is on Route one, though North bound, and that's what's causing all of the delay as you approach the area of the Christianity mall. So this is north bound of the Christianity off ramp car fire has the right lanes closed. They're in New Jersey, 40 to 55 to 95. Those main roads all look pretty good right now. So one more for you. Route one south on Bucks County. Traffic is slow nearing the sham une that is construction. Mass transit in good shape in the K y w 24 hour traffic Center. I'm Stevie Reid, Stevie Thanks so much. Let's look at the forecast. NBC 11th alert me around. Just plan never change for all the humidity is back and it's going to stay with us through tomorrow..

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