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And there it is a bruce arians texting sow that he said quote. I told them that team won the super bowl. This team ain't done. Wayne started the basics and bill and tedy bruschi. I'm thinking back to a conversation that we had on this show a little while ago where you were talking about that mentality and how critical it would be so when you see that text teddy you start off at the right step up right foot because so much has been developed over the course of winning a championship in everything. Actually the entire. Nfl went through last year in terms of a season through kobe. The love the friendships. The relationships that have been forged in terms of winning a championship together. Night night you gotta sorta be a prick again so as a head coach and let them know that they haven't done anything and i think that's nba. It starts with that text. It'll start the way they treat each other because he's got to be hard. He is the most important person in terms of forming mentality to repeat again because he has to make them forget and it's hard because they're having conversation amongst themselves right there on that field as you take a knee sale avantis david given wider taken. Any man we can go back to back look brady. He looked so much better right now. They needed last year. And by the way what do you think the rings going to look like all that talk is still in your mind about getting raise or we're talking about the rings and everything it's still. Fresh areas has to make it stale over and over again and it can get redundant. It can get tiresome because as a head coach you love these guys all right. 'cause they delivered the championship. But you have to be that type of coach to let them know. They haven't done bleep yet. What we're about the way bill did that guys. Were trying to go back to back which you did on numerous occasions and actually your team did win back to back super bowl. You're the last to do it in three and four remember specifically teddy about the information. Okay here is the bella check. There's the bella check. Extreme terms of he'll he'll make you feel like you haven't even won a game. But i think all areas has to do with sort of bring that to hear because it doesn't have to be as as dramatic or over the top as bill would do which is only. He knows how to do it and he doesn't really well and it works but be as not that way so to find his way to still have that relationship and still let them know. It's all about winning the championship and how it starts is winning the division. How starts winning one game at a time. Then training camp. And then minicamp breaking it all down simply. That's with the head coach has to do. Let me bring the rest of the team back in here again. As we're looking at live pictures of tom brady and tim hasselbeck. I will come to you if i still have you with me here. And that is it feels to me like brady complain important role in that as well. It's one thing for arians to be that way and brady. Well he is. A player is also a seven time super bowl champion and so much older than the overwhelming majority of the other players. Feel like he could be a part of setting that tone as well. But that's the first thing. I was thinking about green. It's funny asked me. Because i think every coach in the history of sports it's ever come off. A championship is probably address. This team the way. Bruce arians team i in in the same vein as that texts that he sent sal powell of like. Hey that was last year this year. That's all great but the team has to receive that message. Take it seriously and so you know. I think the tone center for that is the guy that's had more success than anybody on that roster his approach to it in quite honestly and who knows how much they'll do just even in these ota's but even the fact that he's coming off of surgery and then he's got a helmet on he's even participating in individual drills right now. I think gives you a little bit of a glimpse into the relentlessness of how he approaches things. Which to your point. That is probably the most important keys like wait a second. If brady's focus is still laser sharp will then then yeah then maybe. The rest of us should follow suit. Diner receive. needs you talk to people around league about tampa and their quest to repeat what of the things they're saying to you. Yeah well can. I just actually start with some of the conversations. I've had with people in tampa. And that sentiment that bruce arians event or at least the texts that he sent us out is really where it starts because any coach player i talked to really is saying the right things in that same sense of. Yeah that was last year. This is this is the new year and talking to other teams and obviously other coaches and gm's around the league about how they see the bucks now when it comes up in conversation. Look everyone always is point to tom. Brady not his ability on the field. That that's not what i have conversations about. It's kind of assumed that he's good. You can play. We know we can what he demands. It's what he can get players to do. It's how he can get them to adapt and hold themselves accountable. The tom brady wave leading is what every head coaches searching for in their locker room. Which is why they have such a gem in their quarterback there because he has that ability to get those to follow. And it's tom. Brady still gonna be there. Yes this is gonna fall on you. Have tom brady. They will follow into his age. Forty four season chef eight greeting this team again. That brings back everybody and then some right. You don't see many super bowl teams. Go out win the super bowl and then manage to keep the entire roster intact. But that's exactly what tampa did. It didn't lose anybody during free agency. Not any notable starters it gets back. Oj howard who was injured last year. Can you imagine how much impact a player like. oj. How with his talent is upside. Could have on this offense in addition to everybody else. That's their chris. Godwin will be back. Antonio brown will be back rob gronkowski. We'll be back leonard for net. We'll be back all these players who could have gone elsewhere. Didn't and usually see super bowl teams rated and usually see the price of the players. Those teams go up and they become more valuable to other teams than they do that particular team but in this case. The buccaneers managed to keep together the entire team the entire roster the entire coaching staff. Everybody's back for another run yes. Tom should be healthier this year. Old jay how it should be back so technically with the second year in the system maybe even better than they were last year that gandhi. We're looking at live pictures. That's brady on the practice field today for the first time. The only person happy with this. I'm guessing is phil mickelson. Who would like to see him out there practicing a little golf right now. They're getting set for another match. They'll be playing against aaron rodgers and bryson shambo but again that's our coverage from tampa. We will have much more. Nfl as there.

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