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It is the Vegas take sharpened. Shapiro. Glad you could join us on a Thursday. Oh, yeah. As you know a lot of lot of issues facing this country now, besides a pandemic, racial injustice, and you could agree, disagree, But ah lot of people out there that have been outspoken, including a lot of athletes. Some some of them I agree with. Some might disagree with. They all have a right to speak right. Unless you're Laura Ingraham And you tell people like LeBron James to shut up in dribble. And then you want to hear Ted Nugent, the draft Dodger, but, uh, you know, one of those that came out Steven Jackson. You don't know who Steven Jackson is. He's a former MBA player. He was actually part of the Malay or as I like to call it the malice at the palace he was playing with Ragnar test Reggie Miller on the Indiana Pacers. Remember, they went out in the crowd started punching fans. That was a messy situation. But Stephen Jackson great MBA player, but before I get to Steven Jackson, let's talk about the Sean Jackson. Let me give you a little bit of background. If you don't know who to Sean Jackson is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver is 33 years old, Certainly not in his prime anymore. But he posted an Adolf Hitler quote on his Instagram. And this is a guy who talks about Farrakhan. Hoo hoo! Retweet stuff about Farrakhan to Sean Jackson said. Some really, really horrible things and sets bad things on social media. About Jewish people. And it's It's disgusting. So what it is that the Sean Jackson quote you're talking about was actually falsely attributed to Hitler. But ah But anyway, it was anti Semitic nonetheless. Yeah, I mean, he's he said some really anti suspect things on social media, and by the way since that day, Sean Jackson has apologized. He's also said that he's meeting with a rabbi to understand what anti Semitism is. When somebody makes a horrible mistake. You don't have to immediately accept the apology but understand that he has taken action. That's what's important. He has taken action. Right, Stein. Well, yeah, he's he's apologized and he's meeting like Would you say with a rabbi or something? And then Julian Edelman Thie, New England Patriots star who happens to be Jewish actually just put out a video. Out on social media, saying that he wants to get together with Sean and have some burgers and go actually go to the Holocaust Museum and and have a nice conversation as well. But here's the quote. That Sean sent out. It stated that the white shoes no, that the quote Negroes are the real Children of Israel, and they will quote Extort America. Their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were. Completely idiotic, anywhere that's like I said, been attributed to Hitler. But Hitler apparently didn't actually see it. Either way. It's anti Semitism at its finest and completely idiotic And I think to Sean Jackson is not a very intelligent person, because I think if he was, he wouldn't have done that. This comes at a time when we're talking about racial injustice, and many of the good people in this country are on your side about the kneeling about police brutality being wanted to be treated as equals This this couldn't come at a worse time for two Sean Jackson. I hope he means what he says. I hope he since sincere in his apology, and I hope he does take action. Donate some money to a Jewish community center. Do something. To say, Listen, I eft up big time I screwed up. I want to learn and I'm sorry He's taking the right step immediately by apologizing. I hope it's sincere. But I gotta tell you, somebody that I think is such a dope. I can't even begin former MBA player Steven Jackson. Remember Steven Jackson Ah, friend of George Floyd. He's been one of those outspoken people about police brutality, and I had no problem with that. No problem at all. He's a lot of people feel like he's done a lot of good in this situation with racial injustice, fine, But Steven Jackson goes on a podcast, and he made some horrible comments on Instagram talking about Jews and banking. It's terrible. So Steven Jackson went on CNN yesterday with Don Lemon. He says he used the wrong words when defending dish on Jackson have a listen to this. Amitay, just like I told him. Nice try. I've been hard to find a justice for equality. And I was speaking on equality. What? It wasn't having Cooper and Sean Jackson any other way. Like I said, they can twist the heart. They want to You didn't you Didn't hear word of my mom stand. I hate Jews. You didn't hear word of my mom stand. I've supported him in bacon twisted. How do you want? I don't hate nobody. I've been standing for everybody to continue to And and that's just the end of it, okay? No, it's not the end of it. Nobody's twisting your words, Mr Jackson. You made a comment about Jews owning banks throughout the world. OK, that is anti Semitism. That is a hurtful stereotype. That is just a cz bad is if I want the radio, and I said All black people do are steel that all they do is steal things. That would be a horrible thing to say. And it would be wrong and it would be a stereotype and it would hurt African Americans. You saying that Jewish people Oh, in all the banks, and the money is a stereotype. And Steven Jackson is so stupid. He doesn't even understand what he said was wrong now John Lemon to his credit. Remember, this is Don lemon interviewing an African American. That is his friend. Say what you want about Don lemon. I'm not a big fan of don lemon, But he did a good job of this interview, and he lit up Steven Jackson in a respectful way. Don Lemon continued to press him on this issue and played an instagram video that I'm talking about where Steven Jackson talked about Jews and banking. Have a listen to this. Okay? I don't listen. I don't want to get into an argument with you about this, but I don't know what you mean. Nice try. I'm just All I'm doing is is using your words and your post and I'm asking you about it. You can feel the way that you feel, but I'm not trying anything. No one is trying anything. We're just reporting the story, and nobody's trying to twist anything. You actually had an instagram live conversation earlier, and you referenced the Rothschild banking family. Watch this. Just said that Jules on the riches, you know the wrong child. That's a specific example idea, but the but they think the troll on the banks they on all the banks. Do you understand that that is an anti Semitic trope about Jews and money and it's very offensive. Say, Can you? Can you go back and watch the whole conversation? Why we brought it up. We was talking about money. And when I said that he didn't take it the wrong way. He said that there were people with money wasn't associated with Jules. And I just asked him that it wasn't and so and he didn't take it as an so our conversation went on, and we had a good conversation. So the person I'm talking to understood what I was saying, and he didn't take it as an insult. I don't think nobody else you know. Okay. Do you realize what an idiot Steven Jackson is? First of all, just because the guy interviewing you didn't take it as an insult doesn't mean what you said wasn't wrong. You help. By the way, I know so many. I shouldn't say so money. I know several college basketball coaches. That we're considering. I have been around for a long time, by the way that we're considering recruiting this kid Steven Jackson when he was younger, because he was a hell of a basketball player and a great athlete..

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