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On a help support us. So we have a patriotic that's growing quickly and we just upped our thanks of people on Casta like video intros or custom using that sort of thing. Just check out the the patriot and were we're willing to do that, but do it a lot of track for that. So what's that? I just up my patriot to that. I'm looking forward to having an ample tunes intro on my channel. It's it's coming. We just finished up a song for Jimmy Directa. He sent me a message like us listening out if he has remember that nineties band, soul, coughing. Nick jazz stuff. He's like, do something like this, Mike? Yeah. So I sent a message to my buddy John seriously, like four hours later. Like, what do you think of this man? Can you play some guitar tracks down over this? Sure. So. We were quick. He works quick cool getting, you're getting. You're getting support on that. I know the patriot numbers are low and he I started, but I mean, it's growing fast. I mean, we started, I think we actually kinda went public with it about two months ago and it's it's growing quickly. The music scene used all over YouTube all over Instagram. I think it's only a matter of time before commercial places start contacting us. I mean, I don't wanna take more credit a John. I mean, I do. I'm just like the the dude who can play guitar and do some basic, you know, editing stuff, but John is like the production genius. It's unbelievable what I mean. He's like a savant when it comes to the the stuff. So. The production value is is I think it's, I mean, he's, he's amazing. So that's one of the things that I think is most frustrating about YouTube and doing videos and stuff. If you wanna use music, you either have to pay a bunch of money for like mediocre stuff and the stuff that's free out there is very, very bad. It's just not. It's just not good. I mean there there's a few exceptions, but most of most of what's out there is, I mean, I guess you get what you pay for free music usually isn't very good. So we really, I kind of had the idea and I, I used to work with John music store and I got with him and I'm like, man, nobody's doing this like, why don't we try doing like a crowd funded free music service and in it's getting off to get start. So yeah, let's talk about other stuff to you. Probably. What else would have been to? I've been doing that tracking a lot of new new tunes that we're going to have coming out. I think we're actually gonna put out to new songs today right after the podcast, but working on that and Ville STAN video that I'm editing and also anybody's been following up on my Instagram. You've probably seen the wacky poxy would file handles that I've been doing doing video on that and like just leather tool role just kind of kind of filler video, but it's it's a good opportunity for me experiment with, you know, would stabilization and occc stuff, and just some new skills that I don't really get a play with as much. So it's kind of a fun little project. So what about? Yes, we'll me still being contractor. Disorganising of subcontractors and getting ready to frame up this building next to our new pool. Unlike Tristian is actually at my house right now. Why 'ring up this crazy salt system panel box that was over my head and he got out there and can look that it went, yeah, this is this is not basic. Yep, I cool. See later. I am along with that pool just as quick satisfying, like just get it done, make the wife happy thing. I built the set of temporary stairs that go down. There's so many different levels that I'm working with. Right? How like with the patio height where the pool is where the pool that is, where the finish concrete, it's gonna be for everything just because the way that our land is just the way that the grade of our land is lives. Yeah, basically live on a cliff. So I built this temporary stairs through that together in about thirty minutes, and it was just oddly satisfying to like trips into the back quick with framing lumber..

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