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Some common myths should be examined at Sandra director of the veterans channel. Humana. There is a lot of misinformation about Medicare plans. So many think I'm covered by the way, don't need Medicare or all parts of Medicare or the same. Even if a veteran has the healthcare benefits adding Medicare Advantage may provide access to more healthcare providers. It could make medical treatment equipment and prescriptions. More for for more. Visit humana. Dash man. Medicare dot com and Medicare dot gov. The migrants marching on. I'm Steve rappoport. Fox News, thousands of Central American migrants pushing further into Mexico on a treacherous journey to reach the US. They walk for about twelve hours today and ended here in town square. Top of it is rainy season. We're having a thunderstorm right now. The shelters are filled up. The overflow is here some taking cover wherever they can also over here on the overhangs of several businesses and these people remember they only have the clothes on their back. They don't have a change of clothes. So they're going to be wet for awhile. Fox's William lodging s President Trump claims the left for the caravan tweeting Democrats fault for weak laws. The White House at odds with some lawmakers over how to respond to Saudi Arabia for the death of journalist Jamal kashogi democratic congressman Adam Schiff says the intelligence community should take a close look at the US Saudi relationship, and that includes any financial ties to the president leaves the American people wondering is US Saudi policy been driven by something other than national interest. Republican congressman Peter King. Says he agrees on a search for answers. But it's not time to look for conspiracy. What Saudi Arabia did was savage was evil? That's been condemned. We have to take action be questioning the motives of our president right now. Both men on ABC's this week. President Trump says he doubts Saudi claim that kashogi died in a fight. Fox's grenell? Scott deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein testifies Wednesday before a house committee in a closed door hearing Rosenstein denies reports of plotting to secretly record the president and use the twenty fifth amendment to remove him from office. We have a lot of questions for him. And it's important to note that there is no limitation on the scope of these questions. That's why it will be limited to the people who will be in the room, and to end that it will be a classified settings you dish airy committee chairman Bob Goodlatte on FOX's Sunday morning futures. With Maria Bartiromo. This is Fox News. President. And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen krieble, convicted criminals, obviously can't keep ill-gotten wealth. But police awesome seize property from people who are not even charged with a crime much less convicted. It's police nearly suspect something was acquired illegally. They can take it under a program called civil asset forfeiture. It has become a regular funding source for police departments in twenty fourteen American citizens loss more property who police burglars. People who want their property returned must prove in court that they obtained illegally. I look through the lens of liberty shows that is a direct violation of the Bill of rights which protects us against illegal searches and seizures citizens should insist the congress stop this unconstitutional program. For more information, go to lensofliberty dot org. That's lens of liberty dot org. Communities.

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