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Luke if everything you thought you knew your money turned out not to be true one would you wanna know steve kelley marked perkins tug coward and batman i bet now hilas there has gone good and this is the free to retire radio program you know up here the weather's pretty nice and i think we're really lucky about that no two spectacular weather this as to whether the uh you live in new england four it really is it really is and i've been glued like i think a lot of people have to the tv last two or three days yeah and you know as soon as those popeye cartoons are done all have a life again on hood no cutting nunno no we've been i've just been it's really been hard to take your eyes away from what's going on in texas and it's it's it's so overwhelming lee sad and were not far when all that kind of hit it at the beginning we were basically a day ahead of wind could trina hit back in two thousand five a it was just that was startling to me were you impacted by katrina we had a lot of people in atlanta a lot of people coming up from the gulf coast to atlanta and the time specifically was there it was their weather damage or anything like that no no no railing no not really at all now today as a matter of fact there is a lot of rain in the area and i'm sure that's the remnants of what is harvey but it was my understanding that he's about to make an rv is about to make a second pass through there i heard the today on the radio it's been raining in the heaviest spots three inches an hour three inches now are now in some places they've got as much as fifty one inches of rain in less 24 48 hours to put that in perspective seattle gets around thirty seven inches of rain a year okay new to.

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