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Oh arts and crafts time no eating the goose tick plenty of diko expect great savings and a whole lot more for her bula specialist bringing a guy who well he's got not one but two teams in his conference in the college football playoff and that means there are other coat commissioners and aren't happy that he has two teams the football playoff meeting in the national championship and that is the commissioner of a south eastern conference greg sankie joins us now you're on the shell pens or performance on on herb street but seven the commissioner one graduations to happy new year well thanks on both fronts monday obvious whose new year's day but really a special evening for the southeastern conference given the results of uh the rose bowl and the sugar ball particularly i was at the rose bowl and uh standing in the end zone and watching the up and downs of those last six or seven minutes plus the overtime uh i was uh a little bit weary after that uh emotional rollercoaster if you look at the the games themselves and just it the way they played out what's it like being a commissioner and especially that rose bowl game for your conference the you know things had necessarily going that well as far as the bull games in who you have the two biggest games and to your teams in there and you know we talked you and i talked about the rose bowl and i know you're out there all week can how unique it is to have that experience but at the same time this game as it unfolds one of the one of the greatest games we've seen a long time what was that like for your motion leader to watch that game.

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