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Ultimately after some cursory relitigating but also serve touching an emotional discussion of the past during it's the point danny will in this work you're a military man he says to jamie must know there's no way round that dinares has not her father she's even willing to suspend hostilities of sir she agrees to terms jimmy says he wants her she to bendini go ask yourself what would carries says i don't deny harris dozen all the any needed like four hundred people to tell her eight thousand times that there something more important to focus on in this one exact moment right to even allow john to leave the room here not quite the same as saying i don't need sir seat up brennan me he goes on the right now anyway she has a more important request and then prison we don't see the rest of this exchange would presumably he lays out the dire and the desperate stakes the army the dead marching on the wall all of humanity lying in the balance what jimmy is truly swayed by what he years is is almost beside the point because just by cheering tyrian out knowing how sir she would feel about the fact that he's even willing to let a word come out of his brother's malfa his present having him in the neck exactly that's a measure of jamie's desperation that bonn meant a lot to jamie two and jamie also is trying desperately to keep the lancaster family alive to keep himself left keeps sursee alive to keep their house going he is a feel good about the chances of doing that through battle he's made that very clear one other option might day hats.

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