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In your freshman yeah graduated high school in 2011 yeah that makes sense so yeah that's interesting allows changed in that just all window of time the internet yelling changed a lot of things and for the better and for the worse eisley i do believe it's for the better most of it most of its for the better i don't know it's too powerful the internet it's very powerful sometimes it seems like it made things worse but it's actually uses not factoring in the good things it does it just very much like you have to see everything now right like that's a big thing for me youtube culture like you're seeing a lot of stuff that's like what we look at it's just like oh this is fucking horrible like uh the paul's slick jake paul logan paul and stuff like that caused all the youtubers and whatever you're looking at your like this is terrible like widening paul is significantly worse than lok yes significantly logan is leg i think like insertive a the jake paul logan paul dynamic is a lot like like bush and trump where like huzzah of trump everybody's like oh bush was great yeah and that has jake paul exists i'm sort of like mad logan's not too bad guy light elegant paul yeah yeah interesting interesting comparison i think iit yeah i think i'm the first prisons make that nobody israeli nobody's really done that on a pod yet yeah we like you have to see that stuff now so it start you like it's really easy to think that culture just gotten like really horrible maybe it has cultures never been good now but a growing up like like yeah that's for their audiences like twelve year olds but the their showing up on our explore page and same with like well yeah that is they're going to the meeting in his aau wouldn't like 10 years ago you wouldn't like happy forced to watch nickelodeon or disney channel like that will you also not forced to go on the instagram explore page no but that is one thing about like the all the the lake anti jake paul stuff like i get it i i don't you know i'm not a jake paul layer myself i think that's the term maria it's yeah yes there jake polar thinks.

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