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That smokey's only said only you can prevent wildfires. But I'm feeling it because there's a lot more to report. Like when there are parched or windy conditions out there, you got to be extra careful with things like burning yard waste. After all, wildfires can start anywhere, even in your neck of the Woods. Go to smokey bear dot com to learn more about wildfire prevention, brought to you by the U.S. forest service, your state forester, and the ad council. 8 15 with the AccuWeather 5 day forecast, here's meteorologist dean devore. All right, Rachel, look, winter weather advisories through noon of blossom bitterly cold clouds and breaks of sun blowing and drifting snow that fell earlier is already still continuing. And that's why the advisers are still out. You should be also warned to comfort is a problem here today, a safety two with these accu with a real field temperature still lagging 20, 25 below here this morning. Real feel averages about ten to 15 below for the afternoon. Temperatures drop in the single digits 9, then rise back to 14 tomorrow. We've got some snow in the forecast tomorrow night into early Monday that could cause some real slickness for Monday if you're out and about temperatures near 20, 25 less cold on Tuesday and near 40, a balmy run to near 40 by Wednesday here in the Chicago area to above, O'Hare, midway, the lakefront aurora also at two above. I'm acting with a meteorologist dean devore. 8 16 time for your new Chevy Honda Kia Hyundai or Toyota from leader Otto dot com and from the sports desk. Here's Rick Greg. Bear's receiver Nikhil Harry was born in Arizona, went to Arizona state. Yeah, he played for the Patriots, but still he is a child of the sun. He is putting

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