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Sort of advertise for you know for the track. Yeah one hundred percents. I'm glad that you brought that up. you know that day in particular Was about as much fun. As as i'd had here in terms of just strictly a wagering day watching kind of the quality of grace and the quality a horse and a and a lot of times you know on those days at a at a Smaller venue you're kind of leery of potentially a big favorites or or something like that but those races were incredibly competitive And i think to your point. Hopefully are producing. You know runners that we're gonna see throughout the course of the season. Go on to bigger and better things outside canterbury point. Hopefully that's the cycle that we will see Benefits from for years to come as people know that it's a good place to get a young courses Turf career off and running in their three year old season. Well and andrew what What highlights do we have here. as as we look towards the back half of the season sure as a couple of big race car. That are coming up here still this year. We got on august eighteenth. Minnesota oaks and derby day is usually pretty contentious rates as the state breads on wednesday september eighth minnesota festival. Champions are all of our states. Best forces will be out. Running and september sixteenth. Were hosting the big ten breeders betting challenge which is Races specific to canterbury park but players can play both on-track and on multiple lady w platforms. Divide for ten years. Betting challenge the silver excited to be doing that for the first time this even as well so a few good opportunities Plus obviously we're we're always the home of the ten percent pick five and ten percent pick six so every night of the week gives you something to Same for i love it. I love it. Well i didn't I didn't want tomorrow and thursday to go On unaddressed and Wanted to get everybody if people go too long without the without seeing without seeing the pp's You know we're we're an easily distracted bunch. We appreciate the attention the coverage that that's for sure not at all andrew offers it everybody and the team at Canterbury park back tomorrow with a Almost fifty fifty quarters and a thoroughbreds and then thursday Full slate almost a full slate. Think there's one there's There's one at the end of the card. A maiden three hundred yard variety. But make sure you start to start to pull up the canterbury. Pp's will probably Next week will Will pull out a pick five to the dive into Has he takes advantage. They take advantage of the opportunity to refresh. And i applaud it. I mean we've we've seen this new york to where you know especially especially in december you know with that. Take that christmas Sometimes it's sometimes as much as two weeks give or take. It's good for everybody. And then they come back and they fill up the they fill up the entry box. I will fill up the part of the conversation here looking ahead to tomorrow. Parts of that card tomorrow. And i wanted to Was trying to get nick He's tied at up in a meeting. I was gonna thought we'd go over a couple of races At saratoga tomorrow and you know bells the one. I absolutely get it She's she's your. She's your voice to be The honorable mess however over the and. I'm i'm in the process. I am in the process. I've got to come up with my my uh my horse. I'm doing the what wednesday the the play of the day thing on capitol. Ot tv gotta come up with the wednesday thursday saturday. Those are the three days that i'm doing The play of the day and now the pressure's on three for the first five and And i i'm to me. I said this before a to me play of the day is the best potential winner at the best price that that's my you know i i you know i don up to me. A a play of the day isn't necessarily you know the most likely witter That you know just as is overwhelming. Because you don't need you don't need me or anybody else. That's analyzing racist to Tab three to five shots frankly There's a there's a couple of a couple of horses in here that are kind of under exposed and that includes. Don't call me mary for for tom. Fletcher and alex stone and This philly making a steak debut and really came from fairly modest origins pennsylvania. bread That kind of jump in could have been was in a waiver maiden race to break her maiden back last february february of the previous year. She's a four year old. She was late starting she. She's debuts a three year old in january last year but over the winter and She was originally trained by phil. Air stone is. She really made a nice forward move in the pletcher barn. We actually saw her at saratoga and she was buried in a serious allowance. Race last labor day and that was the race with timely tradition but she got She got a good four months off three and a half four months and came back in february. Really good and the most recent race at belmont makes her a contender here. She's twelve to one size rotor at belmont in that second level allowance. I i don't see why don't call me. Mary at twelve to one is is not competitive in here. There's there is pace. there's sadie lady For rob actress. Been trying to catch up with robin cannot seem to cannot seem to get him and he's got sadie lady and you've got steve asmussen with honey. I'm good the shackelford mirror that in fact our friend hashtag Bread.

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