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This is doctor Tom moronic sitting in again for my son Thomas a lot of things to talk about what a weird week the jobs report comes out it shows the economy is really slowing down what's the light and primarily because the trumps tariffs what's the likelihood of this is going to impact the elections are we going to have a recession the disaster in in in the Bahamas I mean it is a humanitarian crisis we haven't seen probably since World War two it's just just that and trump takes three point five billion dollars from the military for his wall and the military comes back and says oh yes but Congress you'll you of you the Democrats it's your fault and you got to give us the money back so basically they're saying if you're if you want to support the military you got to give us back the money we just gave trump for his wall we're sorry but all of these things in your thoughts Tom Moore sure four one oh nine two two six six Saito. this is talk radio six eighty W. CBM get ready for the real deal Baltimore time now for that Tom Moore show. back to top more sure four one oh nine two two six six eight a couple real princess doctor park about first of all the jobs report came out hundred and thirty thousand new jobs actually ninety six thousand if you don't include the this the new the temporary census workers that are gearing up for the two thousand twenty census up everybody including the Wall Street journal including the the federal reserve everybody is saying that the thing that is driving that's mostly because in this or that as the trump terrace because where the the big drop in in employment was in manufacturing because those companies can't aren't or cutting back on hiring because of the the terrace anyway we're by wonder what.

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