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Welcome back it is the Ben Ferguson show nice to have you with us tonight if you just joined us this is really something that should not be controversy yet somehow it is several states have decided that it's time to protect women and I I I'm still trying to figure out where the feminist on this one where the where the woke feminists serious question right where are you you have men there are winning at women's sports because are claiming their woman when they're clearly a man where are you where are you why are you defending women's sports why are you defending women in general why are you doing everything that you can do to protect and defend women I'm just curious here if someone can explain that to me I would greatly appreciate it the feminists should be going berserk the feminist should be losing their minds families should be saying get out of our arena you're taking away our opportunities to succeed is unfair but they're not because they're so afraid of the LGBTQ activist community and the activist community says clearly now that you are not you are not allowed to say no to us and if you do you hate us and it's personal and and and you can't sense and it's personal one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two now that the best part about this is the states are realizing that women's sports are getting decimated and the entire game is changing absolutely changing when you let one person okay when you let one person in the game it is of the opposite sex and they can dominate and it changes everything the Wall Street journal reported that the bills apply to high school students so they don't conflict with the NCAA guidelines which allow transgender female athletes to compete on women's college teams after completing a year of just south from suppression treatment so even the NCAA is admitting that you are not the same the NCAA is saying we know you're a dude acting like a woman you have to do an entire year of something to make you less like a dude and more like a woman that is their roles the NCAA lawmakers also said of it is that males competing is transgender women have over biological females it's scary that they actually have the vin list as but now they're doing it the differences include muscle mass bone strength long capacity heart sites all of these are differences that cannot be changed by hormone therapy and or surgery the Wall Street journal reported critics say the legislation is quite a necessary in these states raised constitutional concerns about due process and discrimination lawmakers interviewed said they couldn't point to eligibility disputes and their states but cite examples elsewhere such as in Connecticut where to trans gender female high scores recently dominated this gate states indoor track championships because they're Jews the alliance defending freedom filed a complaint last year with your fifth part of education on behalf of three female high school athletes challenging Connecticut stranded or athletic athletic policy represent a breeze Griffey have Tennessee as the sponsor of the trans athlete bill and he said quote I'm just trying to maintain fairness I don't want girls to be at a disadvantage which goes back to the question I've been asking where are the feminists on this one you know somebody have gun TV with before Martina Navratilova we've we've debated gender on ESPN and he was yes paean to **** back in oh four oh five she even came out there was a year of your so go maybe even longer saying that she thought it was wrong now she is what you can truly say is an L. G. B. T. activists this is the woman that lost money coming out just tell your story that yes and this is just our story okay this is a woman who knew it was going to cost a lot of money to say she was gay especially the time when she did it.

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