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What's up everybody? Welcome to this edition of the Charlie Kirk show by popular demand. At least once a week. I get people that message me. Hey, Charlie you should debate. Mark cuban. Hey, Charlie, you should have a conversation? Mark Cuban all turns out. I did last year. I sat down with Mark Cuban and long form asked them questions. And yes, we did debate we debated about climate change. Entrepreneurship AI. Donald trump. You name it. We did it live from the turning point USA, high school leadership summit, which is now called the teenage shooting action summit secure. Listen to this. And you wanna come to this year's teenage student action summit, go to teepee, USA dot com slash t SAS. That's Tepe, USA dot com slash t SAS. You're going to hear speakers, in conversations just like this one, right here, just by popular demand. And just by how awesome, this conversation was with the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, American billionaire. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, we wanted to give it to you straight as it is unfiltered and unedited. So here it is Charlie Kirk Mark Cuban enjoy. Imagine I have a box of one hundred garbage bags, the boxes cost me three bucks. I decided to sell them for six I walk up to the door on the street. Hi. Do you use garbage bags? What an easy sell literally. How would you like it? If I brought you garbage bags every two weeks and you never had to think about garbage bags again. Will you buy my garbage bags for six dollars apps? -olutely. Yes. And that's all it took to start. My first real business. I took that my little garbage bag. Route probably the world's first and only garbage bag route and turned it into not only my shoes, but so much more. But more importantly, gave me confidence. It gave me the knowledge that I could put myself in situations of walking up to people, I didn't know you know, just walking up to the doors and then presenting myself with confidence. And that's why what you do today. Just like what Charlie did is so important because rule number one is unless you try you're never going to know. And whether it's a business, whether it's a project, whether it's a political career you have to take. That first step because most people, here's what they do. And tell me if this sounds familiar, I have this idea anybody ever have an idea. They thought was really good. Anybody didn't I'm going to worry about you. I have this idea, then what do you, do you tell your friends, and they say, oh, it's a great idea. Then you look it up on Google all no one's ever done it before. It's gotta be great. We're gonna make billions. And then you do nothing. That's what most people do the such a fine line between being successful and not being successful. And most of that comes from just taking that first step, and so the first piece of advice is don't ever sell yourself. Short always go out there. And try if I can sell garbage bags door to door just by Saint hi to use garbage bags. Just think there's nothing you guys can't start either because you'll have the same impact whether it's your neighborhood your school, wherever it may be, and Mark, you would agree with this. When you're young people open up, doors, all three, you would never when you're thirty or forty I mean, I was I was thirty years old going. Hey, I'm doing a school project. Yeah. When when you're a kid, you look. Anybody here watch shark tank?.

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