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Earthquakes stuff like that parred living on rolling on the river the president trump had said when his son donald jr took that meeting at trump tower in early of june last year nothing happened from the meeting zero happened from the meeting and besides his oldest son and soninlaw jared kushner this woman was there a russian lawyer not a government lawyer but a russian roy now says house minority leader nancy pelosi today we learned a former russian counterintelligence agent was also present at the trump meeting correspondent major garrett what do we know about him rinat akhmetov shen was born in the former soviet union and served in its military he has suspected ties to russian intelligence committee now a us citizen lobbies to lift anti russian sanctions and nancy pelosi is calling for a special commission to look into this attorney general jeff sessions wants to take the next step to have the trump travel ban take full effect cbs's bill rakoff saying that us district judge derek wants has micromanage the executive branch session says the next step will be to appeal to the supreme court watson thursday ordered the government not to enforce the travel ban on close relatives from six muslimmajority countries including grandparents grandchildren uncles an finance session says the ruling undermines national security attorney william stock disagrees with the american immigration lawyers association all kinds of us citizens who have a reason to do business with four want to visit with our positively impacted by the judge clarifying that yeah the supreme court meant all of these us citizens should benefit fit from the supreme court's order dow said another record after days today's gain of eighty four now this filings flowers could go to the nation's highest court and seattle cops cracking down on stab alley i'll have the details coming up after look at your drive here's cairo radio realtime.

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