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In the past, those troubles are behind you and I'm trying to get to a question and he just kind. Kind of stops me and says like no. That's not how it works like every day. Every everyday is a struggle, and I just felt so horrible about that afterwards, and and so like just that I didn't understand what I was talking about, but as I say that acceptance is a word that I, hear so often when it comes to alcoholism, and I hear you speak on it, and it sounds like acceptance and giving up the. Kind of understanding that you're not in control. Is that I guess? When did you start to learn that lesson? How did you learn that lesson and I WANNA? Know what also you're doing. You know how often you're going to meetings or what you're doing. Treat it on a day to day basis. Yeah, I mean the program of recovery that I've chosen to to take. taught me. A lot about. About all that had I i. don't necessarily see it as a as a daily struggle, it is a daily thing and you know I definitely stay very well connected with my my support group in various different ways but yeah, it's it is definitely something that. You don't complete the the twelve steps, and then say okay. That was great. I just going to go on with my life. Now but definitely doesn't work that way. It's one of those things you just have to. You have to keep. In mind and I have to remind myself constantly is that there's a? Very clear reason why I'm doing so much better than I was two years ago. You know so you can't just. It's not. It's not like you. If you WANNA compare to gough, you can't practice for a year, so go. She's sixty five and then be like. Okay, that's it I'm GONNA shoot sixty five every day from now on. You know it doesn't doesn't work that way you gotta you gotTa. Keep practicing and and keep working at it, but. I don't see it as a as a daily struggle and. To the point where I. AM certainly not not ashamed of it and. To the point where I would say I don't even. I don't even regret. Any of it because look at all the. The blessings that I've been given over the past year and look at how. Much happier I am and mental clarity. I have an how. Genuine and strong the. That I have. Are With the people that I love. I'm in a better place now than. Than, maybe any other time in my adult life, so it sounds crazy, but it's almost it's almost a a gift to be honest and I mean I've learned so much about myself and I'm able to see things for. For what they are I think when you hear that here, describe it that way. That's that's Kinda gives you a glimpse into why I'm so comfortable talking about it and why I'm willing to be up in about it. And You this is going to be. In maybe a two part question at the end of this, but one thing just working fulltime and golf for three years now. I see just how prevalent alcohol is in general and I'm not even talking about drinking on the golf. Course I mean it's just I can safely say the night. The number of nights I drink per week has gone up just as a function of being around golf. For for what you know, whatever the reason that would be, so did you I guess did? Did you hear from anyone in the game of golf? Maybe that you know that reached out to you can talking about some of the issues they may battle alcohol and with your New Perspective on it. Are you able to maybe spot issues that other people out there either on tour or caddies or agents or anyone? That's out there? Do you feel like you kind of of a new perspective? That might be able to help someone on that before. They even realize they need help. I I've had a number of people. Reach out to me and it's you know it's an honor and a privilege to be able to land any kind of words of encouragement, or any advice or or anything like that that I can you know I'm I'm here to to help any other people in any way that I can. but I I wouldn't say I really go go looking for it or I'm not GonNa, you know. People in in my situation, if someone has an issue in you just go. Go tell them about it then they're gonNA. Tell you to take a hike. Freddie quick. You know I was. I was definitely that way. You don't really until you have something. Slap in the face. You're the last person to know kind of that. You're an alcoholic, sometimes, because you've built up this this whole system of lying to yourself and denial and justifying crazy things and In your head at all makes sense, I'm never going to put anything on anybody. Obviously, if somebody comes to me, and and once advisor wants help and I'm there no matter what? but I'm not gonNA ever try to. Try to tell anybody else what they need to do unless they ask. Yeah to be clear. I didn't I didn't necessarily mean that? You would go up to people, but I would just wondering if you know if if it's easier something easier to spot I guess or something that you would be able to recognize much faster now that you've. You've gone through it. Yeah, maybe so, but I mean a lot of people if they're if they're like me, I mean I i. don't I mean I? Think that my my wife had had an idea of what was going on, but I even was able to hide a lot of things. Things from her I was very careful about. Who saw what I was doing? When and all that kind of thing, it was all very calculated. Thing for me because I didn't want you know something that was not obviously not proud of and and wanted to. To keep hitting the the best. I could so yeah, you never know, but it's I'm just happy to to be a resource for for anybody that that has questions or wants any advice on anything in that realm, well I think that's successfully addresses. The the this issue is promised. We can have some more fun here on the on the back half of this, but this might not be the best transition to more fun, but it does have a happy ending I promise, but I was walking out of the memorial tournament in I think it's two thousand eighteen..

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