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What maybe that's a bad example in any other country any other country then trump's the only leader that could just disappear and everyone would be like. Wow this actually works better without Ma you guys want to watch Disney. That's fine. Let's do it all right. That's the headlines. Let's move Ivanka. Top story in the three years. Donald Trump has been president. America has has changed in many ways. The country is more divided than ever official government policies and now announced on twitter and the red phone in the White House now connects you directly he to KFC one change. We didn't expect from trump's presidency was an explosion of books from anti-trump books to books folks calling him the Second Coming of Christ leave seen it all and who could have ever predicted. So many books would exist. Thanks to a president who can't read anyone can write a book and I do mean anyone. But what's interesting is how many of these books books were written by people who worked inside the White House and the latest book. Making headlines Comes from Nikki Haley former ambassador to the UN and woman who just just captured James Bond and she's not holding back in her memoir out this week Nikki. Haley takes on former secretary of state REX. Tillerson and former White House chief of staff John Kelly claiming the two men undermined and ignored president trump. From Inside the White House Haley writes Kellyanne. Tillerson confided find it in me that when they resisted the president. They weren't being ends aboard that they were trying to save the country. They should have been saying that to the president. Not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan to undermine president is really a very dangerous thing okay. This is a bombshell. I did not not expect rex. Tillerson and General Kelly were resistant trump in the White House that a shocking look does explain why they were wearing those pussy hats but still I mean the big news because this book. This book basically makes it sound like to trump's top officials. We're constantly trying to stop trump from causing trouble or getting into trouble in always like the thing parents. Do you know when they swap a real thing with a toy from their baby. You know in parents do that. Be Like all Gimme daddy atty so phone back and you can have the big boy phone and the kid is happy they just like. How did the president of Ukraine give me Doodoo on by that dude the on by doing okay? Thank you bye-bye he told me. The cow says Moo. That's basically what was happening. And I I've got to say this is a really complicated issue because on the one hand I understand we Nikki. Haley is coming from. America voted for trump right. He won the internal college and so his policies. Oh what people voted for. So his stuff shouldn't try to undermine him on the other hand. This is also the same president who suggested nuking hurricanes so maybe blocking him as a good idea. I don't no no and while Nikki Haley's book is all about allowing trump to be trump. There's another book making headlines Right now with the total opposite message and this book is coming from inside the White House a warning creating instant shockwaves. The anonymous author who claims to be a senior trump administration official official paints a picture of a president who is unstable and inept the writer describing your daily five alarm fire drill were senior officials canceled plans and race to the White House to prevent the president from an acting. His latest wacky or destructive idea the author saying behind closed doors the president makes racist misogynistic remarks wchs describing him as reckless and without full control of his faculties. Oh my cod. Shrimp is erratic racist and misogynist..

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