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Killing at least eleven people CBS news special report, at least eleven people have been killed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That's what the police radio sounded like late today is a gunman a city employee opened fire inside the municipal building. Police chief James severa suspect that you to police officer officers returned. Fire suspect is deceased. This woman was inside the building. We did hear them, but it was muffled, you know, so being that we're on the second floor. We couldn't really tell if it was close or not here, CBS news. Correspondent Jeff pa- gays according to investigators all of this happened at about four pm, that is when this active situation unfolded at among the injured is a police officer who investigators say was saved because he had a body armor, vests six other people were injured, including that police officer. They're being treated at nearby hospitals again, eleven people killed in Virginia Beach Virginia CBS news special report. I'm Steve Futterman. It's seven fifty one. Hey, Dr drew here. And of course, you heard about genetics and your ancestry. But did you. No your genes can help you eat healthier and feel better, most fad diets fail. Because well, Barron, personalized your body, you're just guessing and then responding to the latest fad will now Gino palate, developed a specific dietary intervention based on your biology. I try to be healthy, and I try to pay attention. So I had my genes analyzed by Gino pallet. I was impressed at how the Gino pallet report gave me very specific and highly personalized nutrition and food recommendations in when in-depth in over twenty different nutrients covering my knees for carbohydrates. Fats vitamin d magnesium and more even zinc. I need zinc turns out report, even showed the eighty-five foods that are healthiest for me based on my jeans. I learned a lot from analysis by genetic code, and I learned that I'm not sensitive to gluten kind do that already. But as a physician, I love the accuracy, and specificity of the Gino Palo report. It's great knowing that I'm not guessing or intuitive, the.

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