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If it is Wednesday, up 36, the S and P 500 index up just four points. Payroll firm 80 pieces, private employers. Added 174,000 jobs in January, led by health care jobs, the S P A, says $1.4 Billion in second round P P P loans have been approved for D C area companies in the 1st 20 days. Trading up, Robin Hood is adding to all the publicity. It is already had a recent weeks with its first ever Super Bowl ad. Jeff Cable WTF Tokyo stocks down half a percent, the same with Australia and South Korea. Coming up after traffic and weather lots happening on the hill tonight concerning Capitol Hill lawmakers in particular GOP members, one in particular. Getting the most attention is Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman congressman from Georgia and her past support for conspiracy theories, past comments about school shootings and such Many meetings behind closed doors among Republicans about what to do. And the House minority leader has made some statements following their latest meeting, condemning her comments. But are they going far enough to strip her of her committee assignment assignments? 7 56. Prescription drugs can save lives, but they don't do much good if people can't afford to buy them. Here's Prince George's County executive, Angela also broke two years ago, The Maryland General Assembly created a prescription drug affordability board to lower the cost of expensive drugs. Here's Montgomery County executive Mark L. Rich last year after the affordability board got their research off to a great start, the Legislature passed the measure to fund the board's operations. Affordability board has bipartisan support, and it doesn't burden taxpayers get the governor unexpectedly veto the bill. Soon the Legislature will vote on whether to override that veto. Please call your legislators and ask them to support the boards..

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