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Orange County, Dr Nicole, CDC discussed on Tim Conway Jr.


With Gina grad Orange County has banned all public and private gatherings due to the coronavirus OC health officer Dr Nicole quick says the ban includes all professional social and community gatherings that are not engaged in essential activities the CDC a task force or sorry White House task force had said ten we're going to go to that in the health officer order of no public or private gatherings that's consistent with what we're seeing elsewhere in the state and the counties first weekly coronavirus update OC supervisor suggested the health department start identifying the cities where patients test positive Orange County has so far only been identifying cases by age and gender this report brought to you by Vance hair restoration a second person in Sacramento county has died of the virus it happened Sunday the person was a substitute teacher at an elementary school he or she was older than seventy and had underlying health conditions from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy it's slow in Covina on the tent this is on the westbound side Barranca towards Glendora Avenue is where Caltrans is setting up shop that's where they have the two left lanes off limits it's all scheduled to wrap up at five in the morning but until then we're still seeing some slow traffic that's backing up getting away from Grand Avenue and delays extend all the way towards orange Avenue close enough parkway right in that area he's found sides doing just fine so no problems in that stretch tell another little pocket of slowing we're seeing in the new hall pass area this is coming southbound on the fourteen approaching the five little bit of a back up there and then on the four oh five north bound make that the five northbound right where the four oh five connects in San Fernando the drive just a little crowded in that area it opens up as you make your way towards the two ten freeway K. F. I. in the sky helps get you there faster I.

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Orange County, Dr Nicole, CDC discussed on Tim Conway Jr.

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