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Let's open the show with a mom fail moment. We're here because we have all struggled as moms, and anyone who has says that they haven't is lying to your face whole as a li- li- Bagger that they are. So I think it's my turn. Yes. It's been a week. I tell you what. So we were gone. We went out of town because we were at a conference where I was meeting Dutch shepherd. The throw that in there. Okay. And when I got home we hurried to kind of pick up the kids and do all of this stuff. And and so we got home, and I went to turn on my computer and wouldn't turn on. And so then I looked at my husband, and he's like, obviously, you're doing it wrong. So he went to turn it on. And it never turned on a screen came on. That was apparently the MAC screen of death. And I was panicked, and I was super worried. And so we go to pick up the kids and one of the kids starts talking to me. I believe it was girl. And my daughter looked at me, and she's like you've been gone for three days. Can I have a minute of your time ill? And I was like. And I was like I'm sorry. We just we just got back in I apologize. I am listening to you mommy's brain is just thinking about her imac being dead. And she's like, well, I'm in front of you, not your computer. And so she did her best to make me feel like a big pile of donkey do. And so then I took a breath. And I realized that even if everything on the computer is gone and done my kid was sitting here. And so I stopped thinking about it. And it actually made me feel better about the fact that I lost everything because I have no control over it in an I didn't fact lose everything the hard drive died. So that's more of a computer fail moment. Well, it made me fail in the moment of like, I got so wrapped up. But yeah, it was it was it's been a week. And then I realized it's Tuesday. So there's that you've got those two teens man they almond at. Yeah. These kids are they just they just want to watch you cry. You're doing a great job so much for sharing you're not alone. And you're helping others to realize they aren't either. Okay. So today's trending parenting news is brought to you by grove collaborative. What did the big flower say to the little one? I don't know. But I bet it's going to be terrible you really grille and bud. Like like, our friend. Why you're so punny Tiffany? Thank you. What company is America's largest, independent natural product.

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