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You also involved in some first generation cloud service providers setups were too. So I mean, you do have a a tech hat on when you need to how did you move from that world into the will of CPA DOT COM yeah I. I was in cloud before it was called cloud. They didn't really have a name for it yet. It was I. Think we called Ourselves that we were managed service providers. So it was that that's how long ago it was and and it was really fascinated. You know. I I did that for a a big hardware company called storage tech, which is now part of Oracle but we decided to take our our model for computer data storage and backup hardware, and turn that into a managed service. You know turn that into essentially a first generation cloud business and I got to be on the ground floor there and and build that into a business which eventually got spun off, and then I did something similar with with a startup that I helped start where we built. Another another company in that kind of in that same space. Where we kind of took things that were traditionally done not in the data center inside of each company and said, hey we can. We can do this better than each company doing it on their own. So we built it into a managed service model. The kind of thing that you would that is very common today you know where you pay based on your your usage of service, you you pay like subscription pricing. But back then nobody really did that you we had to sort of evangelize the model and the concept's I but. That was really great and that was another another company that that got acquired there. Now part of IBM we were actually IBM's I cloud business they. Yeah. After they acquired a startup that I was part of day, they relabeled it. IBM SMART Cloud Services. So I was I was part of that early on and that's fun doing a startup is is.

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