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If you can't possibly fathom your life without i'm offering you a solution you are going to have to pack your bags. You are going to have to buy a plane ticket and you are going to have to go to germany who tab. Donald maclean hobson. Yes yeah club because friends. Germany is the only place in the wide freaking world that gives you make rib all year around. We give it to me all year around. Can i have that that possible. Oh my god. I just took my fat sound effect out. Probably going to do now could night alon right here. It's probably way too loud. Oh yes please have to have habit bad habit. Yes you can year round right there. Good old germany. So pack your bags bitch and get out and go to mick rib land germany and eat it all down twice on sunday and your friends pack. Whatever a german name is that. I can't think of hans and franz your new best friends. Germany can all pal up together go over to the golden arches in germany and get mic rib tomorrow the next day and the next day and all this year yes you can by the way. Watch cam yes rolex. One one six eight. No fo- lex one one six eight. What's the difference this watch keeps incredibly crappy time but it looks good bitch. It looks great. That's your watch. Let me just say this rusty monson is coming up next segment and for the second week in a row and i'm just not going to be able to get to it anymore. Because the mcrib is kind of played out but he escapes a rant of in gargantuan proportion. That would've been best delivered last week or the week before but i had better stuff in front of it and now i'm kicking myself because it's not going to be. It's not here are not going to be rallied next week. Rusty your well andy. Correspondence are in the green room. So we're going to get to them here in just a sack but i'll talk to you quickly about pits and spit. Because since the nineteen eighty three they've been handcrafting smokers and grills in houston texas established itself as the premier brand and high quality offset smokers and more recently pellet cooker pits and spits. That's itself apart by using heavy seven and ten gauge steel and every cooker fully welded construction. You can feel when you use the unit three or four stainless rolltop leads in front shells on every single smoke. Why does it matter well. By using higher quality materials and spit smokers reach and maintain temperatures allowing you to worry more about the meat then the heat and providing a fully welded smoker. You don't have to worry about greece or smoke leaking out of the barrel or you have to worry about that grow rattling apart. Move through the backyard. You know you're gonna do that three or four. Stainless it's an heirloom quality piece of equipment. You can pass down to the kiddo. Now where some companies are focusing low cost provider ship. Pinson spits focuses on craftsmanship and quality. Materials are there cheaper ways to make these. Are they going to do that. No no tack weld no cheap. Stainless they don't want any part of that. Having in house manufacturing gives them complete control the design and standard. That's not something you find them. The other product. They're steel suppliers supply material to be used in some of the harshest environments. So you know they're gonna perform in any and all conditions and the controllers made right here in the state they have unimpeded. Transparency into the programming come on pits and spit has a dealer network across the country. But if there isn't one close to you and the probably is feel free to give them a call call koi shop and tell him i told you eight four four six five zero six two five zero eight four four six five zero sixty to fifty whether your backyard grill master or competition team pitches. Pets has products for you. You can check them out and all of their products online pittance. Bits dot com all spelled out or see their in the wild across social media at their handle pits and spit again all spelled out embedded correspondents twenty twenty best of contest. Coming up next. I'm real excited are.

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