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Ball to deep left field. It is way back. That's the call Last night is the Dodgers smoked the giant sea to one in front of an empty Dodger Stadium. Charley Steiner, sounding more like he was calling golf in a major league baseball game on K L. A C radio. That's something we want to talk to our next guest about the Diamondbacks Open an abbreviated 60 game season tonight. In San Diego against the Padres in our guest is D'backs legend Luis Gonzalez. There are no fans allowed. For now, as a former player. How weird is that for players and how can it affect them? Has definitely were. Good morning, guys, by the way, so yeah, it's definitely gonna be different for those guys. I know they could say they can try to tune it out. But It's definitely something that they're not used to. It's going to feel like playing in a big game. What we call a B game back and one of the back fields of spring training where Usually it's just the players and the umpires back there to get guys go back there to get their extra work in. The old A angel cliche surrounding baseball is that it's a marathon, not a sprint. But since they're only playing 60 games it While it's still a bit of a marathon, there's a little more urgency. And I would think 18 gets hot, especially when an expanded playoff field if you get like a five or six game winning streak, urine. Yeah, absolutely. I think it's ah, you know, you want one of those hot teams getting out of the gates? Well. You really don't have time for players to get out of the gates slow and your team. You hope that Guys could get hot early and you get a couple pictures that are on fire out of the gates, and that could carry you off into the playoffs here, especially with that short season. So you know this season is in the history books is going to have an asterisk next to it. Is that is that affect the motivation of the players on the field? Is it Is there an attitude of? Maybe this season just doesn't count. Well, I don't. I don't think we're the players because they're still trying to go out there and put their numbers up. Do whatever they can because they're still especially the guys on one year deals airplane for contracts for the following season, so they're going to go out there and try to Do as best they can and put their numbers up, and they know that it's a short season so every opportunity they can to try to drive in runs or to get winds. Whatever they can. They're going. They're going to go out there and try to do it. Regardless if there's fans or not in the stands, Okay, we've got to ask you a question. I mean, we're talking about the effect on Major League baseball by the Corona virus pandemic, but you personally The triplets. I know are adults now, right? How old are they? They're 22 0 my goodness. I'm feeling really old right now. But I have to ask how we're 22 year olds dealing with being basically shut out of bars and and large group gatherings. That's got to be tough for four adults their age. Yeah, especially wolf. Two of mine are really have really been affected by one. My son. I have two daughters and a son. One of my daughters is an actress, and she's been you know they've been shut down and away for a while. So all their productions and things like that. Now they're just starting to get back into it a little bit. And my son is a minor leaguer with the San Francisco Giants. So he has been, you know, shut down a lot. So they've been a lot of the guys come here to our home and work out in the back with their social distancing and Wiping down equipment and playing. You know when they're you know, doing there there, you know, hitting in the cage and things like that, So it's It's definitely been a change for them. But one of the positive things with all this going on is that we've been ableto have a lot more family time. So we've been ableto, you know, do things together. Well, it all starts tonight and Max are in San Diego and ah, 60 games Sprint starts this evening. D'backs Lynchian, Luis Gonzalez. We appreciate you being with us on Arizona's morning news..

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