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Off the bench was Jaylen Brown, the fifteen points and five rebounds in twenty four minutes. Let me let me say something about Terry Rozier to if Kyrie Irving decides to leave the Celtics, I know people believe that terriers, you might be playing beat Kyrie's lent. A decamping I'm looking at plan see possibly D right now. In terms of what's his team feature? Terry Rozier cannot be the point guard of the future if Kyrie's gone. He's the perfect. I got off the bench right because he can give you some offense. Not this year not this year. But in most situations when he's he's a good third. Value has just absolutely what's the I call. A reason to it. What is the reason people keep saying, well, he's he's lost his confidence because he's not starting anymore. I looked it up last night. He's averaging around twenty three minutes a game compared to I feel it might be like twenty six last year. And I know it's spiked up towards the end of the season pirate would result. But he's still getting twenty three minutes a game. He doesn't but those last twenty games in the regular season. And the plastic did have Kyrie sitting on the bench in uniform still there's a little built in pressure with that. And again, he's he's a solid player. That's it. I mean to to ship should not be. But again, you talked about cutting back the rotation. That's what happens when you have like nine and ten guys that you're trying to work in and out. There's only so many minutes in a given game. There's two hundred and forty minutes that you have to divvy up among all these players right in Cairo played forty one last night because it's an important game. Coming back from walking you want him out. There Horford was splendid last night. So you want him out there as much as you can. And and that means that other players are gonna have less minute. Or if you're gonna put guys in and they're using minutes up. It can get your rotation all screwed up. I don't know what it is. With Terry Rozier. But obviously going coming out of the season he's gonna try. He's looking to get paid. He turned down the contract extension that was offered to him from the Celtics because he's looking to make a huge splash in possibly free agency with with the Celtics or whatever other team team sign, and then it's it's not looking very bright for him. The rich Brinks truck isn't backing up for Terry Rozier, by the way, he's been playing this season and more. So I hope that he's not in green next year because this guy if Kyrie's back, which is soon he will be back. I know we have this conversation over and over again who's the next option that if Kyrie isn't back be Terry Rozier del can't be terriers yet. Do you look Kemba Walker? I don't think you'd come here. All right. So where do you go there? But things if you lose Kyrie if we're talking about a situation. An F. But yeah, say he's gone like you don't have him. You're not gonna have Anthony Davis. Although you can make the trade forum diatribes with Mike. Conley Mike Connolly if you speak salary, right? Losing a big salary career having you'd be able to absorb it. So I think Kemba Walker. I would take over my kid. But I I don't think that's realistic. If you lose kyri, you can't trade for Anthony Davis because he's probably will refuse to come here. Whatever the case may be obviously you have no choice but to build the team around Tatum Brown. Smart Hayward Horford for another year, you honestly, just need to find a guy we set at that point. Yeah. What you just need to find a point guard who can literally just bring the ball up and just get it to these in the hands of it's such an Tatum -sition league. It's such it's such a stack physician to right. Yeah. You just go down the whole list players. And I know it's position was basketball. But nonetheless. No, there's always going to be a point guard. I mean, you still have to have the leader on the floor and Kyrie is phenomenal. Obviously Steph curry Chris Paul pick all your top league. While Westberg come on, those guys Westbrook. Yeah. Let's not putting Rondo up through those guys. Now not now. No, maybe five slowing, general wise. I still think. Two thirds of the games this year. And that's generally what he does. Now. He's not the most durable can only when he plays the Celtics the national TV ridiculous national team. But so let's talk about the game itself in terms of of takeaways from it are you disappointed. And is it a big deal that they did not win that game last night? No. I don't think it is. I I think they they availed themselves. Pretty well last night. They didn't have Gordon Hayward and again up, you know. Thanks basket about Gordon Hayward. But he was playing pretty well before the break, right? Yeah. He went. Kyrie's not gonna normally go nine for twenty seven from. No, he want right now is Al Horford gonna put forth that type of game in consistently. Three times and three other times you won't notice him when he wants to he can do. Well, that's the thing. Please don't stop telling you because he's more LeBron for that, and LeBron's, but lebrons floors a lot high an awkward for that. I think he's capable is fully capable of not the rebounding last night because I think he could be an eight to ten rebounds. That's he's capable of scoring twenty points in any any any? Everything authentically everything you've compared to the poor man's Tim Duncan, which is not an insult at all to a top ten player of all time. So I think when they say that Al we need you to score. He could score he can score from anywhere on the full again. It could face up. He could scores back to the basket. He can put the ball highly skilled of a big is you can find he's fine. And in a perfect situation. He's your fourth option. Right. You Kyrie's one Tatum's two maybe three. And then you go to Al more southern that the perfect situation is he's a he's your your power forward. And you put them next to Anthony Davis center, of course, then Al Horford, suddenly he's like holy crap. This guy's on guard or they've had success when they had both he and Bain starting. He's more. He's always said that he was gonna it's gonna get bad really soon because you guys have he's playing great. But he's also what thirty three years old, obviously. And he said some injury concerns this year with his name and people want to say, yes, he's a powerful. He's not a center as he gets older. You know, how will he be able to keep up with these younger power forwards in the league? Yes, he has a great offensive game. But in terms of defensively, it might get to appointment. You saw the cagey after while cagey couldn't play power forward anymore. They had to play at center that might be Horford. If he sticks around for next couple of years Holford might not have a choice but to play center because I'm not advancing age getting oldest feeling he's played really well against them being. I mean, he's. You know, that's one of the big reasons you're able to beat them last year two games. In a big reason, you beat them a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia. Yeah. Without Kyrie Irving. He's a terrific defensive player. He's just tremendous defensive player man's Tim Duncan that's about as big a compliment as I can pay anybody. Yeah. It's and I thought he was tremendous in every aspect of the game last night. But as far as the result. I I'm glad that they hung in the game. And they don't mean they came damn close to winning it last night on the last shot. I think is important for them and tally. No, this is not going to blow us out we go into walking hostile environment. It is certainly not just disappointing. But kind of evidence of what's been going on the season where it's like, they just don't win these games, little Australia. Exactly it's been a little off. It's almost like the patriots for a lot of this season. They just seemed a little off right? Mean that might happen to the Celtics except the patriots have the pedigree of Brady and Belle check in. At least a winning pedigree in the postseason compared to these other teams true. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, Milwaukee was done last year. Philadelphia. Be who Miami in the first round. And then the Celtics beat them five games. Toronto again is now at least off the toilet. Because LeBron James is no longer in the eastern. Yeah. But we'll see what happens in the post. Exactly. Lebron thing or are they just melt in the post you got Kawhi they're not he's had a game goes one or two call go your way. Instead of you win that game. That deadlock that was clearly fouled out. I mean, he hacked Tatum day. Just I don't blame. The rest is a hard call to make in real time. But he got all arm on there. So you almost won that game. If a few things broke your way you win, but he was pretty spectacular. Let's listen to Janas block of Jason Tatum in the second half..

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