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American standard. Cooling weather center, the time right now is eight sixteen. Two thousand nineteen NBA the Indiana Pacers because. That's the name you were predicting everybody. Knew it, of course, the way the Pacers were gonna go. They were going to go out there and head to see Georgia. No, that's not outside of Atlanta. That's the country of Georgia, and they were going to go draft gogo Batat Zeh. And of course, everybody got together and said. That's right. Tony cats. Ninety-three WIBC. Kevin Bowen from one seven five and ten seventy the fan joins us. He stayed up all night watching the draft. And he was left with. I don't know maybes happy. Kevin happy. Or do we have questions? Questions I won't I will say, I don't have many questions about Dobie himself as maybe most international draft picks. Actually think there is some potential any played a really high level played pretty productively for nineteen year old in the best leagues in year at the bigger question is why drafting center what if this named for milestone, Domon disobeyed because today, you don't need a bunch of young centers that you've invested, you know, pretty big assets into. He got a trade one of them. But from what ten and Richard said last night, it sounds like role with milestone, the montpe- Sedona. And Mr. go gob batons. So I if you're taking a look at this, this to get something done on the court now or is this long term project take a look at the draft copiers back TJ leaf. Are the are these projects. And what where do you think these projects could take us? Well, I don't think go is the project. I think they believe there's a high ceiling there, but they also believe he can come in and play right away. You'll probably be a guy off the bench for you. But unlike a lot of international players, this is not drafted staff. This is not a red shirt type of twenty nineteen twenty season. They certainly believe he's going to bed and six eleven two fifty pounds able to handle the physicality of the NBA. I think early on. He's a backup and but they also really, really believe he can become a starter in this league. So, I think it all comes back to Nate McMillan Kevin purchase thinking of, unlike the rest of the NBA, they are staff, staunch believers in that they're bigs can play together. That would be probably the power spat Turner at the center position. They kind of flip flop roles on the offense of end of the floor and then go would be your. I big man off the bench. Kevin Belen from one seven five and ten seventy the fan. Let's before we get some of the other things that the Pacers did. Let's talk about the totality of the NBA NBA draft. We knew that Zayn Williamson was gonna go first Zayn Williamson went I we're not surprised. We're not shocked. This was the only way it was going to, to go down anything in that top five surprising view. Nothing. Really? You know, Atlanta moving up to the four spot to a lot of intrigue. They're over that four pick once the pelicans, acquired it from the Lakers for Anthony Davis. The Pacers are rumored to possibly have some interest there as well. So I think a lot of people don't like the drafts all of bit after the top three oncein Williamson John Moran RJ bear went one two or three. I'd say for local interests, Carson Edwards, going to fix and Roman I go into something as well. What are the odds? Right. It's kind of Indiana west out there for Indian east. Right, where with Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens Romeo Langford was a lottery pick fourteenth overall to Boston, then Carson Edwards wit early in the second round to the Celtics, so should be pretty good fit there with coach feeling watch that both those players a good amount during their college college careers. Let me bring it back to Indiana. The other story was the traits that the Pacers pickup TJ Warren from the sons, and if I if you know not being the expert here is the guy who's eighteen points game. Is this something that the Pacers need? I think so, you know, when you look on bygone of its Thaddeus Yellen, those are two free agents than those, that's your starting flow for starting power forward. That think Warren gives you some position versatility from the Ford, spot, buried scoring skillset not a great rebounders. Trump is a bit of the defensive end. But really shine it well for the first time in his career three last season. So again he the skilled forward in the scoring department. I think the Pacers maybe lack at a little bit last year. There are some concerns certainly overs durability. He's a really strange to be on the floor on a consistent basis in its career, but he's young. And again he gives you more of a scoring presence. I think a multitude of ways than the guy like that, maybe even voi- on as well with what he can do inside the Arp. So what the Pacers dead is pretty much Zorg his contract. They didn't give up much that they gave up some cash, but they absorbed contract. They also got the thirty second pick from the sons in trade, which they ended up creating the Miami, three future second round pick. So I know the sort of people look like Indiana was gonna have a couple of picks. They ended up not choosy anybody in that round they trade in both of those fix the future second rounders. They also with the fiftieth pick picked up a drought Brantley and they send him off to Utah. In exchange for twenty twenty one second round picks as well as cash consideration says some of the cash, they had to do to get for the, for the other trade. They see maybe gotten back, some of that in this rank it a rate it, how would you say the Pacers did in this draft? I would say, strictly look at go, I would give it a solid, B guy. A lot of people thought was the best international player the best center in the drafts it a lot of people buddy going the lottery, go to Penn. So in terms of value eighteen it's nice. You know, you've out on holiday players with the eighteen fifty four and in that range. So why not take a bit of a flyer on an international got, but ultimately Tony for us to Italy? Give this a passing letter grade. You've got to think trade, one of those big guys, and I don't know if they're going to go that route, but you have a logjam at center and with the victory legal injury news, maybe he's not back with semblance of January. Dad is a huge, huge deal. And I think that you have some young assets that you can move and address, prominent areas of need today's NBA, you need guards you need score. On the wing to win in the playoffs. And so I would move Turner or Savona to the next couple of weeks. We'll see if that happens, but who's the guy who's the free agent out there that you that you wanna grab. Well, I think when he'll a point guard, the ngelo Russell Kemba Walker even terriers year are the names that come to mind there. You know, I think they still wanna bring back bond on at small Ford it. But I think you know victory, then if he's gonna miss nearly half the NBA season next year you didn't have to shooting guard as well to being a starting lineup. So that's where I would move. One of those big. I just. Acer seem to be contrary in today's NBA. They believe they can play said, bonus Turner together. I'm not sold on it. And that's why I would move one of them because I do think you can acquire pretty solid piece. If you were to part ways with your young, big is that right there, Kevin Bowen from one seven five and ten seventy the fan? Check out the podcast and everything else, he's got going over there, Kevin. Thank you, Paul Bonin lost in the WIBC traffic.

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